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Cathy O'Donnell Overview:

Actor, Cathy O'Donnell, was born Ann Steely on Jul 6, 1923 in Siluria, AL. O'Donnell died at the age of 46 on Apr 11, 1970 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Cathy O'Donnell Quotes:

Miriam: As though He were carrying in that Cross the pain of the world.
Miriam: So fearful.
Tirzah: And yet why is it... I'm not afraid anymore?

[first lines]
Sheila Wayne: Did I go up the stairs this time, doctor?

Sheila Wayne: All I know is that death in its most hideous form waits for me at the top of those stairs.

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Cathy O'Donnell Facts
In 1947, she accepted the Oscar for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" on behalf of Fredric March, who was not present at the awards ceremony.

Sister-in-law of William Wyler, niece-in-law of Carl Laemmle, cousin-in-law of Carl Laemmle Jr.

One secondary source gives her cause of death as cerebral hemorrhage, but all primary sources indicate cancer.

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