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Buster Crabbe Overview:

Legendary actor, Buster Crabbe, was born Clarence Linden Crabbe on Feb 7, 1908 in Oakland, CA. Crabbe died at the age of 75 on Apr 23, 1983 in Scottsdale, AZ .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Television. Crabbe was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Olympics to Hollywood:

on Aug 12, 2016 From Comet Over Hollywood

Johnny Weissmuller wasn?t the only swimming Olympian to play Tarzan. There was also Clarence ?Buster? Crabbe. Crabbe and Weissmuller knew each other before their Hollywood days and were competitive. Crabbe developed as his swimming (and surfing) prowess while growing up on a pineapple plantation in ... Read full article

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Buster Crabbe Quotes:

[Chad stares off vacantly into the distance]
Yellowstone Kelly: What's the matter?
Chad Santee: In the army, we used to say somebody just slipped a shell in the chamber... with my name on it.

Fuzzy Q. Jones: Hey, why didn't you wait until I got back? You know I enjoy a good fight.
Billy Carson: Sorry, Fuzzy, but our friend wanted immediate service.

Marie: Oh, wait! I'm afraid of that gorilla!
Ray Gorman: He won't hurt you - not after she's told him not to.
Marie: And suppose she tells him different... what then?
Ray Gorman: He'd tear you to pieces.

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Buster Crabbe on the
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Buster Crabbe Facts
Crabbe did not test for the title role of his most famous film, Flash Gordon (1936/I); in fact, he thought the idea was too far out for movie audiences to accept and would be a box-office flop. However, he was a fan of the comic strip and was curious to see who would be cast, so he went to the tryouts and stood in the back of the room watching the testing. The series' producer, Henry MacRae, saw him, came over and offered him the part right away. It turned out that MacRae had seen several of Crabbe's previous films and thought he would be perfect for it, but the series was being made by Universal and Crabbe was under contract to Paramount, and MacRae did not think Paramount would loan him out. MacRae asked him if a deal could be worked out with Paramount would Crabbe do the part, Crabbe said OK, a deal was arranged and Crabbe became Flash Gordon.

Son of Edward Clinton Crabbe and wife Agnes Lucy McNamara.

In 1971, Crabbe broke the world swimming record for the over sixties in the 400 meters free style.

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