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Buck Jones Overview:

Actor, Buck Jones, was born Charles Frederick Gebhart on Dec 12, 1891 in Vincennes, IN. Jones died at the age of 51 on Nov 30, 1942 in Boston, MA .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Buck Jones Quotes:

[Ann and Sandy are being held prisoner]
Ann Dodge: Who are you? Why are you here?
U. S. Marshal Sandy Hopkins: Why, those murderin' polecats hogtied me and threw me in here. I'm Sandy Hopkins, ma'am.

Stella: Mr. Hopkins, these two marshals are friends of yours. Now, why couldn't you say that I was a prisoner in that shack, the same as you were. After all, I did let you free. They'd believe you, Mr. Hopkins, and then you could get me out of all this.
U. S. Marshal Sandy Hopkins: I believe you have somethin' there, ma'am. Yes, yes, I will get you out of here.
Stella: Oh, Mr. Hopkins, I knew you would.
U. S. Marshal Sandy Hopkins: I'll get you out of here and I'll send you to the penitentiary for twenty years!

[last lines]
U. S. Marshal Buck Roberts: Tim, let's get out of here before he turns a hundred percent jackass and starts ballin'.
U. S. Marshal Tim McCall: I think you're right. I'm going back to Wyoming right now!
U. S. Marshal Buck Roberts: And me back to Arizona.
U. S. Marshal Tim McCall: So long, Rough Rider!
U. S. Marshal Buck Roberts: So long, Rough Rider!
U. S. Marshal Sandy Hopkins: So long, Rough Riders!

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Buck Jones Facts
On his World War I draft registration filed on May 28, 1917, he gave 24 years as his age.

His daughter Maxine Jones was born in 1918; she married actor Noah Beery Jr..

His body had been so badly burned in the Cocoanut Grove fire that skin from his fingers had been pulled off onto the fingerprint card sent to the Technical Section of the FBI's Identification Division. It took nearly 48 hours to identify the prints because so many fingers had to be searched in so many different places.

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