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Actor, Brock Peters, was born George Fisher on Jul 2, 1927 in New York City, NY. Peters died at the age of 78 on Aug 23, 2005 in Los Angeles, CA .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Live Performance.

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Brock Peters Quotes:

Tom Robinson: Well, I said I best be goin', I couldn't do nothin' for her, an' she said, oh, yes I could. An' I asked her what, and she said to jus' step on the chair yonder an' git that box down from on top of the chifforobe. So I done like she told me, and I was reachin' when the next thing I know she... grabbed me aroun' the legs.
[a murmur erupts in the courthouse]
Tom Robinson: She scared me so bad I hopped down an' turned the chair over. That was the only thing, only furniture 'sturbed in the room, Mr. Finch, I swear, when I left it... Mr. Finch, I got down off the chair, and I turned around an' she sorta jumped on me. She hugged me aroun' the waist. She reached up an' kissed me on the face. She said she'd never kissed a grown man before an' she might as well kiss me. She says for me to kiss her back.
[Tom shakes his head, re-living the ordeal with his eyes half-closed]
Tom Robinson: And I said, Miss Mayella, let me outta here, an' I tried to run. Mr. Ewell cussed at her from the window and said he's gonna kill her.

Aesop: Sir. I'd like to volunteer, sir. Me and my six coloreds.
Maj. Amos Dundee: I haven't asked for volunteers from the command yet.
Aesop: We're the ones doing the asking, sir.
Maj. Amos Dundee: Why?
Aesop: To fight, sir. We've been standing guard and cleaning stables for nearly two years now.
Maj. Amos Dundee: Tomorrow, you ask the officer of the day to see me... you and your six coloreds.
Aesop: [salutes Dundee] Thank you, sir.

Atticus Finch: Did you rape Mayella Ewell?
Tom Robinson: I did not, sir.
Atticus Finch: Did you harm her in any way?
Tom Robinson: I did not.

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Brock Peters Facts
His birth name was George Fisher. Appropriately, he shares his first name with Star Wars creator George Lucas and his last name with Carrie Fisher, who played Darth Vader's daughter, Princess Leia Organa.

Provided the voice of Jack Johnson on the Miles Davis album "A Tribute to Jack Johnson".

Inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in 1976.

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