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Actor, Bobby Driscoll, was born Robert Cletus Driscoll on Mar 3, 1937 in Cedar Rapids, IA. Driscoll died at the age of 31 on Mar 30, 1968 in New York City, NY .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures. However he won one Honorary Award in 1949 as the outstanding juvenile actor of 1949.

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Born March 3, 1937, Child Actor ! In his 22-year career (1943-1965), ?appeared in over 50 films and television shows, but is probably best known for his Disney roles as Johnny in Song of the South?(1946), Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island?(1950) — and as the voice (and... Read full article

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Bobby Driscoll Quotes:

Long John Silver: Now, then, matey, don't ye take it so hard? Why, 'tis lucky you came along, or Ol' John here, he'd have nothing to bargain with. But that don't mean I'd harm a hair o' your little head.
Jim Hawkins: Liar! You let go of me!

Jim Hawkins: Everything he told us was a lie. I've been a fool, sir.

[Johnny and his parents and Aunt Tempy are going to Johnny's grandmother's plantation for a visit]
Johnny: [referring to his grandmother] Why don't she come to see us, like she did last spring?
Sally: Well, because it... I thought you'd enjoy seeing the plantation.
Johnny: Is Grandma mad at us?
Sally: But of course not, Johnny. Whatever gave you that idea?
Johnny: Well, Georgie says everybody's mad at what Daddy writes in the newspaper.

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Bobby Driscoll Facts
One of cinema's most critically acclaimed boy actors, he won a special Academy Award at age 12 as the "outstanding juvenile actor" of 1949 for his excellent work in the films So Dear to My Heart (1948) and The Window (1949).

Driscoll's body was discovered in an abandoned Greenwich Village tenement by two children playing there on March 30, 1968.

His voice was used for Walt Disney's feature Peter Pan (1953) and an actual "acting" performance was filmed, then rotoscoped for the animated character.

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