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Betty Field Overview:

Legendary actress, Betty Field, was born on Feb 8, 1913 in Boston, MA. Field died at the age of 60 on Sep 13, 1973 in Hyannis, MA and was cremated and her ashes given to family or friend.



Field was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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By Art on Feb 8, 2012 From Classic Cinema Gold

“I’m not an outstanding personality and I’m certainly no beauty. Acting ability is all I’ve got to trade on.” ~ was born on February 8, 1913 in Boston, Massachusetts to George Field and Katharine Lynch. (Ancestors on her father’s side were... Read full article

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Betty Field Quotes:

Mrs. Ellen Ringerman: [to Coogan, who's looking for her son] I don't usually make no deals with cops.
Coogan: Be smart if you did...
Mrs. Ellen Ringerman: Smart? Smartness is one thing, motherhood's another

Thelma: The only nice thing you can say about men is they're all the same.

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Betty Field Facts
Year of birth was usually given as 1918 in reference books.

Her second husband, Edwin J. Lukas (1902-1973), a noted lawyer, author, criminologist and Jewish civil rights activist, was the cousin of actor Paul Lukas. Betty was his third wife.

She was considered a frontrunner for the peasant role of Maria in For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) due to her Spanish-speaking skills, but her screen test indicated she was "too Americanized". The role was eventually played by Ingrid Bergman, who earned an Oscar nomination.

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