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Character actor, Arnold Stang, was born on Sep 28, 1918 in Manhattan, New York City. Stang died at the age of 91 on Dec 20, 2009 in Newton, MA .



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By Annmarie Gatti on Sep 28, 2013 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

Born September 28, 1918 Character Actor With thick black glasses and inimitable squawky voice, ‘s career spans radio, Broadway, television and film. His film and TV appearances include My Sister Eileen (uncredited debut role),?The Man with the Golden Arm (Sinatra’... Read full article

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Arnold Stang Quotes:

Dealey: What do you say we stop all this tree-trimming jazz and hit the road to town?
Peewee: Oh now, Dealey, you know how I promised Mama about Christmas. You see, while she's trimming her tree in Peoria, I'm trimming mine right here. It's almost as if we're together!

Sparrow: You can't hold me, I'm un-incapable. I'm not smart enough to be running around loose and too goofy to be locked up. The neck, will ya let go of the neck... let go of the neck!

Sparrow: Not even a postycard.
Frankie Machine: You can't read anyway.
Sparrow: You coulda drawed pictures.

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Arnold Stang Facts
Was cast in a 1980 Sony radio commercial which won a CLIO award for best commercial of the year in its category.

In the late 1950s and early 1960's he was spokesman for the Chunky Candy Bar and made many Television commercials for that candy bar. His proclamation of "Chunky, what a Chunk o' Chocolate!" was the finish of each commercial and was as well known as any tag-line of its era.

Cast member on ABC (later NBC) Radio's "The Henry Morgan Show" (1946-1950).

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