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Actor, Aldo Ray, was born Aldo DaRe on Sep 25, 1926 in Pen Argyl, PA. Ray died at the age of 64 on Mar 27, 1991 in Martinez, CA .



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By Terry on Oct 1, 2015 From Stardust and Shadows

I recently facinated viewed gruff speaking in ?pseudo noir picture NIGHTFALL (1957) Directed by Jacques Tourneur . The way this fellow moved with economy of motion, stood tall, and what was so important in pictures of that day is that he wore his clothes well. Ray never actually played foot... Read full article

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Aldo Ray Quotes:

George Beckworth: How do you know we should be fighting for this present government of South Vietnam? They have no constitution. They haven't had any free elections. And six months ago, a committee was appointed to form a constitution... and still no constitution.
Sergeant Muldoon: The school I went to, Mr. Beckworth, taught us that the thirteen colonies, with proper and educated leadership, all with the same goal in mind, AFTER the Revolutionary War, took from 1776 to 1787, eleven years of peaceful effort, before they came up with a paper that all thirteen colonies would sign... our present Constitution.
[the audience applauds]
George Beckworth: That's very good, Sergeant. But there are still a lot of people who believe that this is simply a war between the Vietnamese people! It's their war, let's let them handle it.
Sergeant Muldoon: Let them handle it, Mr. Beckworth?
[Points to a collection of weapons]
Sergeant Muldoon: Captured weaponry.
[as Muldoon takes the weapons from the board, he names them, then drops them on the table in front of Beckworth]
Sergeant Muldoon: From Red China: Chicom K-50 sub-machine gun... Chinese communist! SKS Soviet-made semi-automatic carbine rifle... Russian communist! Ammunition, Czechoslovakian-made... Czech communist! No sir, Mr. Beckworth! It doesn't take a lead weight to fall on me or a hit from one of those weapons to recognize that what's involved here is communist domination of the world!

Sergeant Muldoon: Are you sure that's what he wanted?
Colonel Mike Kirby: Affimative!
Sergeant Muldoon: Maybe he liked so many guys thinking about him.
Colonel Mike Kirby: Besides that... It SINGS!
Sergeant Muldoon: [to himself] It sings? That's what he said. Provo's Privy, It DOES sing!

George Beckworth: Petersen, what was all that talk about the enemy building ladders and coffins?
Sgt. Petersen: Well, when Charlie knows he's got a nice box to be buried in, he's just as brave as hell.
George Beckworth: What about the ladders?
Sgt. Petersen: They throw the ladders across the wire to get at us. And later on, they use them for litters to stack on and carry away the dead bodies.
George Beckworth: Later on... you mean after everybody's dead?
Sgt. Petersen: Yes, everybody. Men... women... and children. Everybody.

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Aldo Ray Facts
In preparation for his first major role in The Marrying Kind (1952), director George Cukor recommended that he go to ballet school because he walked too much like a football player.

Served in WWII as a U.S. Navy Frogman.

He was active in local politics as a Republican before becoming an actor.

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