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Actor, Alan Marshal, was born on Jan 29, 1909 in Sydney, Australia. Marshal died at the age of 52 on Jul 13, 1961 in Chicago, IL .



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Alan Marshal Quotes:

Watson Pritchard: Throw these guns away, they won't be any good.
Dr. David Trent: I agree with Pritchard, although not for the same reason.

Annabelle Loren: Dr. Trent, don't you approve of our little party favors?
Dr. David Trent: Suppose Nora had a gun when she was alone in the cellar with the blind woman?
Ruth: Oh I don't think anyone else is going to walk around in total darkness.
Annabelle Loren: Oh I'm sure we're not going to go running around the house shooting each other, aren't you?
Dr. David Trent: Who knows? Fear can make people do amazing things.

Dr. David Trent: [Nora has encountered the organ that plays by itself and runs screaming through the house] Did you hear anything?
Frederick Loren: Organ music?
Dr. David Trent: That... and someone walking.

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Alan Marshal Facts
Suffered from a chronic nervous condition which ended his film career, forcing him to return to the theater.

Died of a heart attack while appearing on the Chicago stage with Mae West in "Sextette". The play was made into a movie ( Sextette (1978) ) with Timothy Dalton in Marshall's stage role.

A handsome, brunette, mustachioed Australian-born actor in the George Brent tradition who bolstered many femme stars in late 30s romantic dramas, including Greta Garbo and Irene Dunne.

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