Matches in people

Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Born on Aug 6, 1917 in Bridgeport (CT), died Jul 1, 1997 in Santa Barbara (CA)

Dennis Price Dennis Price Born on Jun 23, 1915 in Twyford (England), died Oct 6, 1973 in Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Hal Price Hal Price Born on Jun 24, 1886 in Wauseon (OH), died Apr 15, 1964 in Los Angeles (CA)

Vincent Price Vincent Price Born on May 27, 1911 in St. Louis (MO), died Oct 25, 1993 in Los Angeles (CA)

Nancy Price Nancy Price Born on Feb 3, 1880 in Kinver (England), died Mar 31, 1970 in Worthing (England)

Lucille La Verne Lucille La Verne Born on Nov 7, 1872 in Nashville (TN), died Mar 4, 1945 in Culver City (CA)

Matches in movies

The Purchase Price The Purchase Price (1932)

The Price of Living The Price of Living (1954)

The Price of Betrayal The Price of Betrayal (1915)

Success at Any Price Success at Any Price (1934)

Vanity's Price Vanity's Price (1924)

What Price Porky What Price Porky (1938)