Matches in people

Richard Lane Richard Lane Born on May 28, 1899 in Rice Lake (Wisconsin), died Sep 5, 1982 in Newport Beach (CA)

Lola Lane Lola Lane Born on May 21, 1906 in Macy (IN), died Jun 22, 1981 in Santa Barbara (CA)

Lane Chandler Lane Chandler Born on Jun 4, 1899 in Culbertson (MT), died Sep 14, 1972 in Los Angeles (CA)

Tim Holt Tim Holt Born on Feb 5, 1919 in Beverly Hills (CA), died Feb 15, 1973 in Shawnee (OK)

Charles Lane Charles Lane Born on Jan 26, 1905 in San Francisco (CA), died Jul 9, 2007 in Santa Monica (CA)

Priscilla Lane Priscilla Lane Born on Jun 12, 1915 in Indianola (IA), died Apr 4, 1995 in Andover (MA)

Matches in movies

15 Maiden Lane 15 Maiden Lane (1936)

Two-Lane Blacktop Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

Fortune Lane Fortune Lane (1950)

Memory Lane Memory Lane (1926)

The Lane That Had No Turning The Lane That Had No Turning (1922)

Melody Lane Melody Lane (1941)