Matches in people

Don Siegel Don Siegel Born on Oct 26, 1912 in Chicago (IL), died Apr 20, 1991 in Nipomo (CA)

Sol C. Siegel Sol C. Siegel Born on Mar 30, 1903 in New York City (NY), died Dec 29, 1982 in Los Angeles (CA)

David J. Stewart David J. Stewart Born on Jan 8, 1915 in Omaha (NE), died Dec 23, 1966 in Cleveland (OH)

Jerry Van Dyke Jerry Van Dyke Born on Jul 27, 1931 in Danville (IL), died Jan 5, 2018 in Hot Springs (Arkansas)

Jerry Mandy Jerry Mandy Born on Jun 5, 1892 in Utica (NY), died May 1, 1945 in Hollywood (CA)

Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis Born on Mar 16, 1926 in Newark (NJ), died Aug 20, 2017 in Las Vegas (NV)

Matches in movies

Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary (1966)

Jerry and Tom Jerry and Tom (1998)

The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit (1962)

Jerry's Cousin Jerry's Cousin (1951)

I'm Just Wild About Jerry I'm Just Wild About Jerry (1965)

Jerry and the Lion Jerry and the Lion (1950)