Matches in people

Marcia Mae Jones Marcia Mae Jones Born on Aug 1, 1924 in Los Angeles (CA), died Sep 2, 2007 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Davy Jones Davy Jones Born on Dec 30, 1945 in Manchester (England), died Feb 29, 2012

Chuck Jones Chuck Jones Born on Sep 21, 1912 in Spokane (WA), died Feb 22, 2002 in Corona Del Mar (CA)

Allan Jones Allan Jones Born on Oct 14, 1907 in Old Forge (PA), died Jun 22, 1992 in New York City (NY)

Carolyn Jones Carolyn Jones Born on Apr 28, 1930 in Amarillo (TX), died Aug 3, 1983 in West Hollywood (CA)

Dean Jones Dean Jones Born on Jan 25, 1931 in Decatur (AL), died Sep 1, 2015 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matches in movies

Tom Jones Tom Jones (1963)

Along Came Jones Along Came Jones (1945)

Mr. Jones Mr. Jones (1993)

The Liberation of L.B. Jones The Liberation of L.B. Jones (1970)

The Emperor Jones The Emperor Jones (1933)

Cinderella Jones Cinderella Jones (1946)