Matches in people

Marsha Hunt Marsha Hunt Born on Oct 17, 1917 in Chicago (IL)

Hunt Stromberg Hunt Stromberg Born on Jul 12, 1894 in Louisville (KY), died Aug 23, 1968 in Santa Monica (CA)

Burl Ives Burl Ives Born on Jun 14, 1909 in Hunt City (IL), died Apr 14, 1995 in Anacortes (WA)

Helen Mack Helen Mack Born on Nov 13, 1913 in Rock Island (IL), died Aug 13, 1986 in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

Helen Vinson Helen Vinson Born on Sep 17, 1907 in Beaumont (TX), died Oct 7, 1999 in Chapel Hill (NC)

Martita Hunt Martita Hunt Born on Jan 30, 1899 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), died Jun 13, 1969 in London (England)

Matches in movies

Helen's Babies Helen's Babies (1924)

The Hazards of Helen The Hazards of Helen (1914)

What's the Matter with Helen? What's the Matter with Helen? (1971)

Helen of Troy Helen of Troy (1956)

Spy Hunt Spy Hunt (1950)

The Hunt The Hunt (1963)