Matches in people

Faith Domergue Faith Domergue Born on Jun 16, 1924 in New Orleans (LA), died Apr 4, 1999 in Santa Barbara (CA)

Faith Brook Faith Brook Born on Feb 16, 1922 in York (UK), died Mar 11, 2012 in London (England)

Al Hill Al Hill Born on Jul 14, 1892 in New York City (NY), died Jul 14, 1954 in Los Angeles (CA)

George W. Hill George W. Hill Born on Apr 25, 1895 in Douglass (KS), died Aug 10, 1934 in Venice (CA)

George Roy Hill George Roy Hill Born on Dec 20, 1921 in Minneapolis (MN), died Dec 27, 2002 in New York City (NY)

Charles Hill Mailes Charles Hill Mailes Born on May 25, 1870 in Halifax (Canada), died Feb 17, 1937 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matches in movies

Faith Faith (1916)

The Day of Faith The Day of Faith (1923)

Man of Faith Man of Faith (2002)

His Faith in Humanity His Faith in Humanity (1914)

Keeping the Faith Keeping the Faith (2000)

The Hill The Hill (1965)