Matches in people

Fuzzy Knight Fuzzy Knight Born on May 9, 1901 in Fairmont (WV), died Feb 23, 1976 in Hollywood (CA)

Shirley Knight Shirley Knight Born on Jul 5, 1936 in Goessel (KS), died Apr 22, 2020 in San Marcos (TX)

Esmond Knight Esmond Knight Born on May 4, 1906 in East Sheen (England), died Feb 23, 1987 in London (England)

June Knight June Knight Born on Jan 22, 1913 in Los Angeles (CA), died Jun 16, 1987 in Los Angeles (CA)

John Mills John Mills Born on Feb 22, 1908 in North Elmham (England), died Apr 23, 2005 in Denham (England)

Matches in movies

A Knight for a Day A Knight for a Day (1946)

The Red Rider The Red Rider (1934)

Rider of the Law Rider of the Law (1919)

The Black Knight The Black Knight (1954)

A Knight of the Range A Knight of the Range (1916)

One Droopy Knight One Droopy Knight (1957)