Tim Matheson

Tim Matheson

Born at 9:00pm-PST.

Daughters: Molly (b. 1987), Emma (b. 1988).

For years after playing ladies'-man Otter in Animal House (1978), he had to explain to disappointed fans that, no, that was only a character he played, and he couldn't really offer them sexual advice.

He met his first wife Jennifer Leak when they were co-stars in the movie Yours, Mine and Ours (1968).

Lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Played a character with the surname Stratton in National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) and then a character trying to romance a beautiful young woman whose surname was Stratton in 1941 (1979).

Served in the USMC reserves.

Shares his birthday with Val Kilmer.

Son: Cooper (b. 1994).

Was the voice of Jonny Quest in the "Jonny Quest" (1964) series.

When he originally auditioned for Animal House (1978), the producers wanted him to play one of the no-nonsense. straight-laced Omegas. However, he adamantly refused, saying, "I'm tired of playing it straight," and sought a role as one of the hard-partying, fun-loving Deltas. He succeeded and got the role of Otter, one of the most fun-loving Deltas of the whole film.

Worked with John Belushi, John Candy, Sam Kinison, and Chris Farley, all (legendary) overweight comic actors who died at a young age