The Unsuspecting Wife

The Unsuspecting Wife (year n/a)

Novel: The Unsuspecting Wife (also Redbook Magazine Serial Story)
Published/Performed: publication unknown (novel); year unknown (magazine)

Author: Peter Stone
Born: Feb 27, 1930 Los Angeles, CA
Passed: Apr 26, 2003 New York City, NY

Film: Charade
Released: 1963

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About the Novel The Unsuspecting Wife:

Screenwriters Peter Stone and Marc Behm submitted their script, The Unsuspecting Wife, around Hollywood, but were unable to sell it. Stone then turned it into a novel, retitled Charade, which found a publisher and was also serialized in Redbook magazine, as many novels were at the time. In Redbook it caught the attention of the same Hollywood companies that had passed on it earlier. The film rights were quickly sold to producer/director Stanley Donen. Stone then wrote the final shooting script, tailored to stars Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, with Behm receiving story co-credit. The film was released in December 1963.

There was a remake in 2002 called The Truth About Charlie starring Mark Wahlberg and Thandie Newton and directed by Jonathan Demme. Peter Stone so disliked the remake that he refused his story credit on it, and is instead credited as Peter Joshua, one of Grant's character's aliases in Charade.

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