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Advise and Consent

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Nov 1, 2011

Advise and Consent (1962)      The movie Advise and Consent is about exactly what the title says: the U.S. Senate’s power to “advise and consent” on a presidential appointment to a certain administrative position. This process and the general proceedings of at least state-level read more

Dead of Night

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 31, 2011

Dead of Night (1945)      Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has spooky plans on this my favorite holiday. There is an endless array of movies that would be appropriate to review on this dark day, but it so happens I stumbled on a new delight last week that I think appropriately encompasses the spiri read more

What to Watch — Halloween: Village of the Damned

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 29, 2011

Watch out, George Sanders! There’s something not right with those blonde kids! TCM has planned during its expanse of horror movies on Halloween, Monday, a perfectly bizarre tale of alien offspring: Village of the Damned. A British town’s female inhabitants start bearing emotionless chil read more

Sherlock Jr.

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 27, 2011

Sherlock Jr. (1924)      In a time when cinema technology had yet to advance to the point that we could synchronize sound with moving images, I find it amazing the effects movie makers were able to create during this very rudimentary stage of the medium. Buster Keaton in directing himself in Sherlo read more

Johnny Guitar (1)

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 25, 2011

Johnny Guitar (1954)      I have been relishing the opportunity to watch Johnny Guitar because I have been convinced it would be horrendous. You might then understand my utter amazement at how good the movie is. Outside of Joan Crawford who is the only downfall of the flick –and a big one read more


MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 24, 2011

Trapeze (1956)      The circus was not an uncommon subject matter in classic films, but I find most movies on that subject take a grim outlook on the lives of the performers under the big top. Take, for example, Freaks about the out-casting of a lot of circus side-show individuals whose disfigureme read more

The Pit and the Pendulum

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 21, 2011

The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)      I think I’m safe in saying that no actor was more familiar with the work –or the loosely interpreted work– of Edgar Allen Poe than Vincent Price. The man made nearly a dozen movies based on this master author’s works. This saddens me, read more

Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 20, 2011

Warhol's Flesh for Frankenstein (1974)      After viewing Flesh for Frankenstein , I have to wonder if Producer Andy Warhol had said to himself, “How do we modernize Frankenstein. I know! Add loads of breasts and sex!” For that really is all that Flesh for Frankenstein is. It follo read more

Goke, Body Snatchers from Hell

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 19, 2011

Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell (1968)      I should preface this review by saying, do not let the rating fool you; Goke, Body Snatchers from Hell is a bad movie. What makes it entertaining, however, is how comically bad it is. This Japanese horror/sci-fi flick presence with its “frights” read more

Bride of Frankenstein

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 18, 2011

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)      Over the next couple days I will be reviewing movies I saw last weekend at a horror movie marathon, which I am proud to say, I survived from beginning to end (with a several hour break for a trip home and nap in the middle). Nevertheless, a handful of older fright read more

The Pride of the Yankees

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 14, 2011

     I think one of Gary Cooper’s greatest gifts is that although he seemed well suited for playing powerful, strong, intelligent men, he could just as easily play a naive, humble gent who is completely oblivious he is the almighty Gary Cooper. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town is one such example as read more

Feature: My Momentary Celebrity Obsession–Ida Lupino

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 13, 2011

Ida Lupino I stumbled upon Ida Lupino utterly by accident while enjoying Bogart’s They Drive By Night. I was instantly spellbound by this rather unorthodox-looking woman who commanded the screen so significantly. I find it surprising that film history has left the woman rather unremembered co read more

Beware, My Lovely

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 12, 2011

Beware, My Lovely (1952)      Thrillers are my favorite type of fright movie, at least as I define them. They contain no gore, no monsters, just a horribly unnerving situation that sets one’s heart pounding as she perches on the edge of her seat. Beware, My Lovely is not only nerve-wracking read more

The Cameraman

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 11, 2011

The Cameraman (1928)      How many windows can Buster Keaton break with his movie camera before the joke gets old? That seems to be at least part of the plot of the first movie the silent star made under a studio contract, The Cameraman.      Buster’s profession of making tintype photographs read more

What to Watch Sunday: The Music Man

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 7, 2011

The Music Man (1962) I think I owned the soundtrack to The Music Man before I saw the movie, but it became a fast favorite in my teenage years, especially once I put those tunes in context. This Meredith Wilson show established Shirley Jones, Robert Preston and Buddy Hackett as forever favorites in read more

Winner Take All

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 5, 2011

Winner Take All (1932)      I do not think there is any denying that James Cagney was a splendid actor. The trouble with parts of his career, however, was that the studio did not treat him very well and often type cast him into gangster and tough-guy roles. Winner Takes All was his first comedy read more

The Wolf Man

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 4, 2011

The Wolf Man (1941)      I realize now I had higher hopes for what I perceived as among the great classic horror stories than I should have. I think the downfall of The Wolf Man might lie in its script. Silly, contrived and dumb dialogue make for many a hokey moment in this tale of the beast within read more

What to Watch Tonight: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Oct 3, 2011

I do not think there is a classic movie-loving person or anyone who has even moderately studied film on the academic front who is not aware and likely a fan of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The picture serves as a great example of silent, horror and German movies as well as an illustration of the Ge read more

Feature: Stomaching Horror Movies

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Sep 30, 2011

With the arrival of October just on the other side of the sunrise, so begins Ryan and my month of horror movies. We endeavor each year to devote the month to jointly enjoying scary movies, which happen to be his milieu more so than mine. We also have ourselves booked for a horror movie marathon in read more

Ghosts–Italian Style

MacGuffin Movies Posted by RBuccicone on Sep 27, 2011

Ghosts, Italian Style (1969)      Although it only acted as distribution company, MGM managed to stamp its name prominently on the start of Ghosts–Italian Style, a film that is otherwise totally Italian. Filmed in Italy with an entirely Italian cast speaking English for the American release read more