Vertigo Brocklebank Apartments


1000 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA  
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In the film Vertigo, Kim Novak's character, Madeleine, lives in the apartment complex at 1000 Maple Street (Brockelbank Apartments)

About the Vertigo Brocklebank Apartments (where Kim Novak's character Madeleine lives): 1000 Mason Street San Francisco CA

Gavin and Madeleine's apartment building is "The Brocklebank" at 1000 Mason Street on Nob Hill, which still looks essentially the same. It is across the street from the Fairmont Hotel, where Hitchcock usually stayed when he visited and where many of the cast and crew stayed during filming. Shots of the surrounding neighborhood feature the Flood Mansion and Grace Cathedral. Barely visible is the Mark Hopkins hotel, mentioned in an early scene in the movie.

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Vertigo Brocklebank Apartments: 1000 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA