904 Sheble Ln.
Ambler, PA  
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The Stoogeum is the world's first and only museum of Three Stooges memorabilia. Containing close to 100,000 pieces of Stoogeabilia, the Stoogeum (rhymes with museum) offers fans a chance to view a vast array of artifacts which celebrate the legacy of this legendary comedy team. The 10,000 square-foot, 3-story building houses anything and everything Stooge. Artifacts from 1918 to the present are on exhibit, including several interactive displays. The Stoogeum also contains a research library, a 16MM film storage vault and an 85-seat theater used for film screenings, lectures and special presentations.

About the Stoogeum : 904 Sheble Ln. Ambler PA

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Stoogeum: 904 Sheble Ln., Ambler, PA