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via Margutta 51
Rome, Italy  
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In the film, Roman Holiday, Joe Bradley's/Gregory Peck's apartment at via Margutta 51 is where Joe/Peck began his love affair with Crown Princess Ann/Audrey Hepburn. Just a short walk away at via Margutta 110 is where Federico Fellini lived with his wife Giulietta Masina.

About the Roman Holiday (via Margutta 51) (Gregory Peck's character Joe Bradley's apartment): via Margutta 51 Rome Italy

Via Margutta is a narrow street in the centre of Rome, near Piazza del Popolo, accessible from Via del Babuino in the ancient Campo Marzio neighborhood also known as "the foreigner's quarter". Mount Pincio is nearby. Via Margutta originally was home to modest craftsmen, workshops and stables, but now hosts many art galleries and fashionable restaurants.

After the film Roman Holiday became popular, Via Margutta developed into an exclusive neighborhood, where various famous people lived, such as film director Federico Fellini. From the north the area can be reached from Via Cassia or Flaminia, passing then through Piazzale Flaminio, and through the city door in the wall that leads to Piazza del Popolo. From this point one walks several metres to the left of Flamino Obelisk towards Via del Babuino, and on the left there is an alley that leads to Via Margutta.

From Piazza di Spagna, one can take via del Babbuino, turn right on via Albert, and via Margutta will be on the left.

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Roman Holiday (via Margutta 51): via Margutta 51, Rome, Italy