Jack Benny Statue


Genesee & Clayton
Waukegan, IL  60085
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Waukegan, Illinois, pays tribute to 'favorite son', comedian Jack Benny with an 8-foot tall bronze sculpture, located in Jack Benny Memorial Park. Jack 'stands' in his signature pose, his left hand on his cheek, holding his beloved violin. Nearby is one of Jack Benny's childhood homes at 518 Clayton Street.

About the Jack Benny Statue Jack Benny Memorial Park: Genesee & Clayton Waukegan IL

An 8-foot bronze statue of Jack Benny stands in Jack Benny Memorial Park, Waukegan, Illinois, facing the Genesee Theater which hosted the world premiere of his 1939 film, Man about Town. The statue features Benny in his signature stance -- his left hand on his cheek with his worrisome look, holding his beloved violin. The base of the statue includes images of money, porrtaits of Mary Livingstone and Rochester, as well as reliefs of the Maxwell car and his famous money vault from the Jack Benny Show. The statue dedication ceremony took place on June 8, 2002.

Although born in Chicago, Benny grew up in nearby Waukegan, where his family lived in several buildings, one of which still stands at 518 Clayton Street (designated a city landmark on April 17, 2006).

Jack Benny Home, Waukegan, IL

Jack Benny Statue: Genesee & Clayton, Waukegan, IL 60085