Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley
(as Josh Morgan / Jodie Tatum)

Capt. Robert Jason Salbo: Madam, words fail me. Your culinary talents supersede the most exotic cuisine.
Ma Tatum: You don't like it.
Capt. Robert Jason Salbo: Oh, no, no, no, on the contrary...
Josh Morgan: He means he'd like some more, Ma.
Ma Tatum: Oh, that's good.
Pappy Tatum: Good! Good! I like to see a young fella who's a good eater.
Capt. Robert Jason Salbo: I must say, in all my travels, I never tasted anything quite like it.
Ma Tatum: You ain't never?
Capt. Robert Jason Salbo: Unh-uhnmm!
[meaning "No"]
Ma Tatum: Aw shucks, it ain't nothing but possum tails, owl gizzards, and grits fried in bear grease. And then that there gravy, that's just goat's milk with vulture eggs and mashed catfish eyes.
Pappy Tatum: The catfish eyes brings out the flavor of the possum tails.
[Capt. Salbo turns green.]
Capt. Robert Jason Salbo: Excuse me. I think I forgot something in my jeep.
Pappy Tatum: Why did he leave in such a hurry? Did something just come up?
Josh Morgan: Not yet, Mr. Tatum, but I think it might.