Lana Turner

Lana Turner
(as Marianne Patourel)

Marianne Patourel: [Discussing William's love for Marguerite] But when you wrote to my father you lied. You asked for my hand in marriage.
William Ozanne: I didn't lie. Listen to me, Marianne. I love you.
Marianne Patourel: Listen to more lies! You never loved me! You loved *her*. But you sent for me. Why?
William Ozanne: It wasn't a lie. It was o -
Marianne Patourel: Why did you send for me?
William Ozanne: I'll tell you, Marianne. Now I must tell you. I never wanted you to know. I never thought you would ever find out. But now...
Marianne Patourel: What did you never want me to find out?
William Ozanne: That I accidentally wrote your name instead of Marguerite's in the letter to your father.
Marianne Patourel: [She looks crushed] You accidentally wrote my name? Our whole marriage has been a... slip of the pen?
William Ozanne: Marianne...
Marianne Patourel: Does Marguerite know of-of your slip of the pen?
William Ozanne: No. Absolutely not. I never even so much as hinted anything. Oh, please. Believe me, Marianne. I never told a living soul. Well, that's not quite true. I told Tai Haruru.
[She looks moritfied]
William Ozanne: I had to tell him.
Marianne Patourel: Tai Haruru knew? He knew that you hated me. I thought I reached the lowest depths of degradation. But I didn't expect this. So, Tai knew. Course he knew. Now I understand everything. Why you never would've married me if he hadn't forced you into it. Would you, William?
[He turns away guiltily]
Marianne Patourel: Oh, William. William don't ever speak to me again!