Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston
(as Maj. Matt Lewis)

Maj. Matt Lewis: He's a good soldier when he knows what he's fighting for.
Sir Arthur Robertson: It's easy when it's something you can see; a wall, a hill, a river, but how can you explain to them when it's for a principle.
Maj. Matt Lewis: You can't. Not here in China, it's too far from home.

Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston
(as Maj. Matt Lewis)

Baroness Natalie Ivanoff: You know, I think I'll get you to take me to San Francisco with you.
Maj. Matt Lewis: Oh? Why to San Francisco?
Baroness Natalie Ivanoff: Well, isn't that the place where they found all the gold?
Maj. Matt Lewis: [laughs]

David Niven

David Niven
(as Sir Arthur Robertson)

Dowager Empress Tzu-Hsi: The boxer bandits will be dealt with, but the anger of the Chinese people cannot be quieted so easily. The Germans have seized Kiaochow, the Russians have seized Port Arthur, the French have obtained concessions in Yunnan, Kwan See and Kwantang. In all, 13 of the 18 provinces of China are under foreign control. Foreign warships occupy our harbours, foreign armies occupy our forts, foreign merchants administer our banks, foreign gods disturb the spirit of our ancestors. Is it surprising that our people are aroused?
Sir Arthur Robertson: Your Majesty if you permit me to observe, the violence of the Boxers will not redress the grievances of China.
Dowager Empress Tzu-Hsi: China is a prostrate cow, the powers are not content milking her, but must also butcher her.
Sir Arthur Robertson: If China is a cow, Your Majesty, she is indeed a marvelous animal. She gives meat as well as milk, and yet grows stronger.

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner
(as Baroness Natalie Ivanoff)

Dr. Steinfeldt: [in the hospital, while the baroness refuses medical assistance] Don't you want to live?
Baroness Natalie Ivanoff: I *have* lived!

Kurt Kasznar

Kurt Kasznar
(as Baron Sergei Ivanoff)

Baron Sergei Ivanoff: [Clapping sarcastically] Congratulations, Sir Arthur! It seems the British have won another bloodless victory!
US Minister Maxwell: I take it you have now unanimously decided to stay.
Baron Sergei Ivanoff: I shall report in my diary the first vote was nine-to-one, and that in a... friendly spirit it was then decided to make the decision unanimous.

John Ireland

John Ireland
(as Sgt. Harry)

Capt. Andy Marshall: [Regarding the Boxers massed on the Tartar Wall] No sign of activity, hmm?
Sgt. Harry: No sir, I think they're all asleep.
Capt. Andy Marshall: Ah, but we'd better not be Sergeant.
[Nodding to sleeping soldiers]
Capt. Andy Marshall: You'd better wake them all up.
Sgt. Harry: [to English Soldier] Wake up!
[to German Soldier]
Sgt. Harry: Guten Morgen!
[to French Soldier]
Sgt. Harry: Bonjour! Bonjour!
[to Italian Soldier]
Sgt. Harry: Buongiorno!
[Picks up and looks at hat of Japanese Marine]
Sgt. Harry: ... Good Morning?
Japanese Marine: Good Morning.