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We're Not Dressing (1934) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Norman Taurog and produced by Emanuel Cohen and Benjamin Glazer.

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The Carole Lombard Memorial Blogathon is being hosted by Crystal of In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood and Vince, whose site Carole & Co. is the last word on the talented and timeless Carole Lombard. Wealthy Doris Worthington (Carole Lombard) has the world at her feet as she trave... Read full article

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Doris Worthington: I suppose that you're taking me to a fate worse than death?
Stephen Jones: How do you now it's worse than death? Have you ever died?

Gracie Martin: My uncle is a hunter.
George Martin: I'd rather not hear about it.
Gracie Martin: My uncle always goes out duck hunting. Now, Monday he takes four dogs, and Tuesday he takes three dogs, and Wednesday...
George Martin: Gracie! Gracie, why does he take four dogs Monday and three dogs Tuesday?
Gracie Martin: Well, because the other dog won't follow him on Tuesday.
George Martin: Why?
Gracie Martin: Because he shot him on Monday.
George Martin: Nice work. He aims at little innocent birds and shoots dogs.
Gracie Martin: Yeah, all except one dog. His favorite dog. His name is Scram.
George Martin: Your uncle's name is Scram?
Gracie Martin: Oh stop, no, the *dog's* name is Scram. You see, that saves my uncle a lot of money calling him Scram.
George Martin: Because the dog's name is Scram that saves your uncle a lot of money?
Gracie Martin: For sure. You see, when he calls the dog to feed, he hollers "Scram, Scram" and the dog runs away.

George Martin: [watching through binoculars] Gracie, my gun! A bird!
Gracie Martin: What?
George Martin: A bird! A bird!
Gracie Martin: O, my goodness. Here.
[hands him a live duck]
George Martin: Not a duck. My gun! How can you shoot with a duck?
Gracie Martin: Well, my father used to shoot ducks. But maybe that duck wasn't loaded, eh?
George Martin: The duck wasn't loaded but I'd like to bet that your father was.
Gracie Martin: Well, if he wasn't then why did the duck shoot my father because I always thought...
George Martin: Quiet! Quiet! Well, I missed him. He's gone and that was a stratospheric duck and very rare.
Gracie Martin: Well, I am just as glad that you missed him because I don't like rare ducks. I like my ducks well-done.
Gracie Martin: Now, take my uncle.
George Martin: *You* take your uncle.
Gracie Martin: They did.

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A number "It's the Animal in Me" was filmed, but cut. See also The Big Broadcast of 1936.
The portrait of Gracie's Uncle Fred appears to be a caricature of George Barbier.
One of over 700 Paramount Productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.
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Also directed by Norman Taurog

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Also produced by Emanuel Cohen

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Also released in 1934

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