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Vertigo (1958) was a Crime - Mystery Film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and produced by Alfred Hitchcock and Herbert Coleman.

The film was based on the novel The Living and the Dead written by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac published in 1954.

Vertigo was inducted into the National Film Registry in 1989.

Academy Awards 1958 --- Ceremony Number 31 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Hal Pereira, Henry Bumstead; Set Decoration: Sam Comer, Frank McKelvyNominated

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Quotes from

Scottie: I hope we will, too.
Madeleine: What?
Scottie: Meet again sometime.
Madeleine: We have.

Midge: You want to know something? I don't think Mozart's going to help at all.

Midge: I talked to the woman in musical therapy, and she said that Mozart's the boy for you.

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Facts about

The lighting changes when important events occur. For instance:
  • When Scotty first sees Madeleine in Ernie's restaurant, the light around her becomes unnaturally bright for a moment.
  • While Scotty is listening to the story of Madeleine's ancestor in the book shop, it gets very dark; once he exits the store, it brightens again.
  • When Scotty first sees Judy made up completely as Madeleine, she is lit by a blurred, ghostly green light (the reflected light from the neon sign outside the window).

It was rumored - and even written in Alfred Hitchcock's script notes - that Kim Novak dubbed the last line of the film, which was delivered by the nun. However, she denied this in an interview.
Numerous uses of repetition and reflection throughout, including:
  • The mirror on the way out of Ernie's restaurant; Scotty sees Madeleine reflected in it right after he has seen her for the first time.
  • The numerous reflections and repetitions of Madeleine throughout, including at least two women whom Scotty mistakes for her.
  • The metaphorical or dream mirrors that Madeleine describes as lining the corridor of her life.
  • Midge paints herself into the portrait of Madeleine's ancestor, and, in one shot, sits next to the self-portrait, as if doubled.
  • After showing Scotty the portrait, Midge sees herself reflected in the glass of the window.
  • Judy as Madeleine's reflection.
  • Madeleine as repetition or reflection of her ancestor.
  • Scotty repeating his former life.
  • Judy falls from the tower to her death the same way Madeleine did
  • There is a motif of spirals in the film, as literal shapes in the opening credits, and as the more abstract shape of the movie's plot, as well as the shape of the pivotal tower staircase.

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Best Art Direction Oscar 1958

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Released 1958
Inducted 1989

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Also directed by Alfred Hitchcock

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Also produced by Alfred Hitchcock

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