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Two for the Seesaw (1962) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Robert Wise and produced by Robert Wise and Walter Mirisch.

Academy Awards 1962 --- Ceremony Number 35 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographyTed McCordNominated
Best Music - SongMusic by Andre Previn; Lyrics by Dory LangdonNominated

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Robert Mitchum's Sad Eyes: Two for the Seesaw (1962)

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Certain die-hard Robert Mitchum fans, such as myself, hold a dear secret about one tiny particular aspect of his lengthy career. No, I'm not talking about his brief foray into the music industry with his Calypso album (::shudders::). I'm referring to the few select romantic films he made. Mitchum is... Read full article

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Quotes from

Gittel 'Mosca' Moscawitz: Why so sore? 'Cause I feel sorry for ya?
Jerry Ryan: I don't think I can afford you. I'm not ready for a whole human, complete with weaknesses...
Gittel 'Mosca' Moscawitz: Who asked ya? Who made an offer?
Jerry Ryan: I did, but I take it back. I'm neither ready nor able to be responsible for anything these days. Least of all an ingenuous nitwit. That's why I'm sore. Disappointment.
Gittel 'Mosca' Moscawitz: What does ingenuous mean? Smart?
Jerry Ryan: Dumb. Naive.

Gittel 'Mosca' Moscawitz: Things aren't even-Steven with us, Jerry. You do all the giving. What I have to give, you don't want. And what I want, you can't give. Doesn't matter if I learn shorthand or to play a bugle standing on my head. If you don't love me, you don't love me. And time isn't gonna make one lousy bit of difference.

Jerry Ryan: I told you to make a claim on me, to depend on me. I practically forced you. Gittel, I care for you. I don't want to see you hurt or lost or short-changed.
Gittel 'Mosca' Moscawitz: So what's the future, Jerry? You gonna think any less about her? A little time'll pass, everything'll be hunky-dory? How am I gonna give her competition? Have a hemorrhage twice a year? Trap you that way? I got half of you by being a wreck, is that how we'll go on? Oh, you gotta short-change me, Jerry.
Jerry Ryan: I've tried not to.
Gittel 'Mosca' Moscawitz: That's what's outta whack. How hard you try. Who works that hard if everything's OK?

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Facts about

The original Broadway production of "Two for the Seesaw" by William Gibson opened at the Booth Theater in New York on January 16, 1958, ran for 750 performances and was nominated for the 1958 Tony Award for the Best Play.
Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman were both set to do this film but when Taylor became ill during the early filming of Cleopatra, Newman was able to do The Hustler instead.
Based on the Broadway play, which starred Anne Bancroft and Henry Fonda.
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Best Music - Song Oscar 1962

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