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The Pickwick Papers (1952) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by Noel Langley and produced by Noel Langley.

Academy Awards 1955 --- Ceremony Number 28 (source: AMPAS)

Best Costume DesignBeatrice DawsonNominated

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The Pickwick Papers (Noel Langley, 1952)

By Judy on Dec 2, 2012 From Movie Classics

My Dickens in December season is getting properly under way with this review – come back tomorrow for another posting! Compressing an enormous, rambling book like Dickens’ Pickwick Papers into a single film of under two hours sounds like a daunting task. But director and screenwriter Noe... Read full article

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Mr. Jingle: Miss Wardle... forgive intrusion... no time for ceremony... all is dicovered!
Rachel Wardle: Zat?
Mr. Jingle: Sshh... fat boy... scoundrel... treachorous dog... told old lady... old lady furious... raving.
Rachel Wardle: My mother?
Mr. Jingle: You and Tuppy.
Rachel Wardle: Tuppy?
Mr. Jingle: Kissing in greenhouse.
Rachel Wardle: Ah! Mr. Jingle, if you're trying to insult me.
Mr. Jingle: On the contrary... overheard fat boy... come to warn you... dreadful danger... tender my services... prevent hub-bub... other hand... think it an insult... leave room.
Rachel Wardle: What shall I do? My brother will be furious!
Mr. Jingle: No possible doubt... outrageous.
Rachel Wardle: Oh, Mr. Jingle, what can I say?
Mr. Jingle: Ah. Say, um, say he grifted. Nothing simpler... fat boy horsewhipped... your word believed... end of matter. One word of warning: beware of false hearts beating beneath smiling face.
Rachel Wardle: Whoever do you mean?
Mr. Jingle: Wild horses wouldn't drag... only wants you for your money.
Rachel Wardle: You're referring to Mr. Tupman?
Mr. Jingle: Lips sealed... old friend... ladykiller... loves another.
Rachel Wardle: Another? Who?
Mr. Jingle: Niece... Emily.
Rachel Wardle: My niece. It can't be. I won't believe it.
Mr. Jingle: Watch him.
Rachel Wardle: I will.

[continued from above conversation]
Mr. Jingle: Watch his looks... his whispers. He'll sit next to her at table. He'll flatter her and cut you.
Rachel Wardle: Cut me?
Mr. Jingle: Dead... you'll see for yourself.
Rachel Wardle: I will indeed!
Mr. Jingle: You'll cast him out?
Rachel Wardle: I will!
Rachel Wardle: You'll take another?
Rachel Wardle: Yes!
Mr. Jingle: You shall. I shall be that man! A worship from first... devoted slave... in a torment... sleepless nights... fortune of my own...
[examines the jewel on her finger]
Mr. Jingle: love you for yourself... death do us part... dare I hope.
Rachel Wardle: Oh, Mr. Jingle.
[she faints in his arms]

Nathaniel Winkle: Gentlemen, Mr. Jingle is the viper in our midst.
Samuel Pickwick: Viper?
Nathaniel Winkle: Viper, sir.
Tracy Tupman: Nonsense, Winkle.
Samuel Pickwick: Nonsense, Winkle.
Augustus Snodgrass: N-nonsense, Winkle.
Nathaniel Winkle: Very well, then... we shall see,

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Facts about

The first film of June Thorburn.
Although the film was released in england in 1952 and opened in New York in 1954, it was not nominated for Oscars until 1956, due to its not having played in Los Angeles until then.
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