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The Old Fashioned Way (1934) was a Comedy Film directed by William Beaudine and produced by William LeBaron and Emanuel Cohen.

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The Old Fashioned Way (1934)

By Beatrice on Apr 12, 2013 From Flickers in Time

The Old Fashioned Way Directed by William Beaudine 1934/USA Paramount Pictures First viewing The Great McGonigle: [sarcastically] No, I had the presence of mind to fall on my head. It is the Gay Nineties and W.C. Fields plays The Great McGonigle, proprietor of a travelling theater company that put... Read full article

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The Great McGonigle: [as the boarding house guest are eating] The soup sounds good.

The Great McGonigle: [after Baby Albert has splashed soup over him] I don't know whether to eat from the coat or the plate!
Cleopatra Pepperday: [after Baby Albert throws McGonigles watch into a bowl of molasses] Oh, Albert! Look what you've done to Mr. McGonigle's watch! Oh...
[the watch is shown sinking]
Cleopatra Pepperday: Oh, I'm so sorry... Oh, Mr. McGonigle!
The Great McGonigle: It's all right.
Cleopatra Pepperday: He has such an impulsive nature.
The Great McGonigle: Yeah, just like my own. Don't apo;ogize. It's all right. It's just a little child... it's just a little child.
Cleopatra Pepperday: Oh, he does the cutest things!
The Great McGonigle: That he does!
Cleopatra Pepperday: You should see him when no one's around.
The Great McGonigle: Oh, I'd like to catch him sometime when...
[Correcting himself]
The Great McGonigle: Uh, SEE him sometime when no one's around.
Cleopatra Pepperday: Oh, Albert, why did you do that?
The Great McGonigle: [Mumbling to himself] Bet the minute hand won't be a bit of use after this!
Cleopatra Pepperday: Mr. McGonigle, I hope he hasn't hurt your watch.
The Great McGonigle: [Sarcastically] Oh, no, how could you hurt a watch by dipping it in molasses?
Cleopatra Pepperday: Oh, he's never done that before.
[She titters]
The Great McGonigle: Well, I hope he doesn't do it again - not with this watch.

The Great McGonigle: [referring to Cleopatra] She's all dressed up loke a well-kept grave.

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Facts about

When McGonigle first sees Cleopatra, he says "Who's the old squgelum over there?" "Squigelum" is a Fields nonsense word. He would use it again in "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break" to describe the kissing game he teaches Ouliotta Hemogloben.
One of over 700 Paramount Productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.
At the end of the opening cast credits, there is "Also Cast of the original "DRUNKARD" Company." However, since the earliest production of "The Drunkard" premiered in New York City in 1843, the production referred to was undoubtedly the one in Los Angeles which premiered on 6 July 1933 at the Little Theatre Mart and ran for several years. The Cast list for the Los Angeles production is not available.
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