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The Lusty Men (1952) was a Action - Drama Film directed by Nicholas Ray and Robert Parrish and produced by Jerry Wald, Norman Krasna and Tom Gries.

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The Lusty Men (1952): Nicholas Ray Transcends His Material Again

By 4 Star Film Fan on Dec 8, 2019 From 4 Star Films

The connotation of the film’s lurid title feels slightly deceptive. Because The Lusty Men might have basic elements of men who desire after women but it’s fairly restrained in this regard. At least more than I initially conceived. However, it is a film characterized by a zeal or a lust f... Read full article

The Lusty Men (1952) with Susan Hayward and Robert Mitchum

By Orson De Welles on May 26, 2016 From Classic Film Freak

Share This! A Fast Buck… A Fast Bronc… A Fast Thrill! Here?s another example of somewhat misleading advertising.? Given the title of 1952?s The Lusty Men, you?d expect lots of romance, sexual intrigue and the like.? As is sometimes common in Hollywood the finished product has little re... Read full article

New from Warner Archive: The Thrilling Arrival of The Lusty Men (1952) on DVD

By KC on Sep 29, 2014 From Classic Movies

I had a belly full of stitches the first time I saw The Lusty Men. It was at a screening of a beautiful 35mm print at SIFF 2014. I was so determined to see it that I gave myself a week to recover from minor surgery. You could say I related, in a small way, to the beaten and bruised rodeo men up on t... Read full article

SIFF 2014: Rowdy Life with The Lusty Men (1952)

By KC on May 19, 2014 From Classic Movies

The Lusty Men (1952) Directed by: Nicholas Ray Starring: Robert Mitchum, Susan Hayward, Arthur Kennedy, Arthur Hunicutt There were so many reasons The Lusty Men was one of the films I was most looking forward to seeing at SIFF 2014. I love director Nicholas Ray, and stars Robert Mitchum and Susan H... Read full article

The Lusty Men of Classic Film – Reprint

By Kristen on Mar 19, 2012 From Journeys in Classic Film

I’m reprinting my article on The Lusty Men of Classic Film here in case people don’t want to transfer to a new site. ?The only problem is the videos that accompany each section will not play on here so if you want to see the clips you’ll have to check out the article as originally ... Read full article

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Rusty Davis: [Meeting Wes for the first time] You're new, ain't ya'?
Wes Merritt: Yeah.
Rusty Davis: Got two bits?
Wes Merritt: Sure.
Rusty Davis: Gimme'.
Rusty Davis: [Takes his money, then turns to Booker] Okay, let him have a look.
Booker Davis: [Pulls up his pant leg, revealing his scarred and mangled right leg] You ever see anything like that before?
Wes Merritt: [Slightly shocked] Sure is the worst lookin' leg *I've* ever seen.
Booker Davis: Twenty years rodeoin' done that. Leg busted nine times, kneecap five, and the ankle four.
Jeff McCloud: Booker's got just about the most busted leg in the world.
Booker Davis: Nobody'll ever beat it unless they jump off one of them New York skyscrapers.
Rusty Davis: Last time Booker broke it, doctors wanted to cut it off.
Booker Davis: It was up in Denver.
Rusty Davis: He got right off the operating table, got some crutches and headed for New Mexico in our pickup truck.
Booker Davis: That night a big blizzard come up and I had to pull into one of them there motels. Had no sooner got in bed than my leg started hurtin' - got to hurtin' pretty bad. Finally I got up and pushed my bed over to the window and opened it and stuck my leg out. Pretty soon the leg froze up and the pain went away. Next mornin' I got up and thawed it out in front of a stove, drove on to Santa Fe. I won four firsts that day!

Jeff McCloud: Old Book used to be one of the best bronc riders in the business.
Wes Merritt: What happened?
Jeff McCloud: Punchy. Bronc shook his brains loose. He's head wrangler for Dawson now.

Buster Burgess: [Buster enters Rosemary's trailer to find Jeff sitting inside. The shower can be heard running in the background] Who's in the shower?
Jeff McCloud: Lady.
Louise Merritt: [From the shower] Jeff, can you hand me a towel?
Buster Burgess: [Jeff starts to get up but Buster stops him] I'll get it.
Buster Burgess: [Buster walks in on Louise in the shower and she screams. Buster rushes out] That ain't Rosemary!
Jeff McCloud: Nooooooo.

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Robert Parrish directed for several days when Nicholas Ray fell ill.
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