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The Egyptian (1954) was a Drama - Historical Film directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by Darryl F. Zanuck.

The film was based on the novel Sinuhe egyptil?inen (The Egyptian) written by Mika Waltari published in 1945.

Academy Awards 1954 --- Ceremony Number 27 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographyLeon ShamroyNominated

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"I feel the fever of Thebes in my blood, and I know that I was born to live in the sunset of the world and that nothing matters, nothing, but what I see in your eyes." Sinuhe, a poor orphan in Egypt during the eighteenth-dynasty, rises to fame as a great physician and, along with his friend Horemhe... Read full article

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Quotes from

Taia: Fowler's knots? Did you say... fowler's knots?

[first lines]
Sinuhe: [Older Sinuhe voiceover] I, Sinuhe the Egyptian, write this. In my place of exile on the shores of the Red Sea. There is no more desolate spot on earth. Soon the jackals and the vultures will make a poor meal of what is left of me. No monument will mark my resting place. I will leave only this, the story of my life. I have lived fully and deeply. I have tasted passion, crime and even murder. It is for you to judge me. You must weigh the good against the evil, the passion against the tenderness, the crime against the charity, the pleasure against the pain. I began life as I am ending it, alone. I rode alone on the bosom of the Nile in a boat of reeds dawbed with pitch and tied with fowler's knots. Thus the city of Thebes was accustomed to dispose of its unwanted children. I grew up on the waterfront of the city in the house of my foster parents who had saved me from the river. My foster father lived there by choice because he was also, by choice, physician to the poor of the city. From the rich he could have commanded princely fees, for he alone, in Thebes, was master of the ancient art of opening skulls. From the beginning I kept to myself. I used to wander alone on the banks of the Nile. Until the day came when I was ready to enter the School of Life. In the School of Life were trained the chosen young men of Egypt. The future scientists, philosophers, statesmen and generals. All the learning of Egypt lay in the keeping of the gods. For ten years I served them in the school that I might earn the right to call myself a physician. I learned to bend my body to them, but that was all. My mind still asked a question. Why?

Nefer: Wait. Before you touch me I must give you a warning.
Sinuhe: Warning?
Nefer: There is a reason the Goddess of Love takes the form of a cat.
Sinuhe: When I look at you I care nothing for cats or gods.
Nefer: Look Sinuhe. A cat's paws are soft. But they hide claws. A cat takes pleasure in tormenting its victim. Not until the creature is nearly dead does it show pity... and put an end to it.
Sinuhe: What has this to do with you and me?
Nefer: You've had less experience, and I must be what I am. Leave now and do not return through the gate in my wall, or you may regret it all your life.
Sinuhe: I don't even know your name.
Nefer: In their foolishness, men gave me the name which means, beautiful.
Sinuhe: Nefer. Nefer. Nefer.

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Facts about

The voices of the characters played by Mike Mazurki and Leo Gordon were dubbed by other actors for a more classical - and less American-street - quality.
Dirk Bogarde turned down the lead role after Brando bowed out.
After shooting was completed, Fox made back some of the film's immense cost by selling many of the set pieces, props, and costumes to Paramount, which then employed them in an even bigger epic, Cecil B. DeMille's remake of The Ten Commandments.
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Best Cinematography Oscar 1954

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