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The Broken Land (1962) was a Western Film directed by John A. Bushelman and produced by Roger Corman.

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Mavera: How long will he hold you?
Will Brocious: It's hard to tell. He's got a real bad case... like none I've ever seen.
Mavera: A case of what?
Will Brocious: I call it blood hunger. It eats away at a man's guts and it don't matter what side of the law he's on.

Will Brocious: Billy, this sure is your day. You not only steal your first necklace, you break outta jail, help rob a stage, get yourself baptized in the bargain.
Billy: Yea. That's some day
Will Brocious: [to Dan] Where you going?
Dave Dunson: Gonna see what I can do with this money.
Will Brocious: You mean take it back?
Dave Dunson: Yea, that's right.
Will Brocious: Well I can just see that. You just go riding back into town, stop somebody on the street; "Pardon me Sir. I wonder if you'd mind taking this money off my hands.You see, I just broke jail this morning. Right after I tried to kill the marshall. Then this fool stage driver come ridin' up and throwed it right in my lap. and then he high tailed it back for town. Now since my specialty is murder and breaking jail, I really don't have any use for it. You understand? Sir?"

[Billy picks up a gunbelt]
Billy: Well, I guess if I am going to be wanted man, I might as well wear this.
Will Brocious: Every well-dressed bad man does, Billy.

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Burt Reynolds was originally cast to play Will Brocious.
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Also directed by John A. Bushelman

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Also produced by Roger Corman

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Also released in 1962

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