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The Big Store (1941) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Charles Reisner and produced by Louis K. Sidney.


Groucho, Harpo, and Chico turn a big department store upside down as New York detectives trying to foil the hostile takeover of a department store and prevent a murder. Pretty late in the day for the Marxes, this was the final film in which Groucho, Harpo, and Chico appeared together - but there's still lots of fun watching the Brothers turn the emporium into their own private playground.

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Wolf J. Flywheel: [Flywheel has mistaken the Hastings brothers for the killers and handcuffed them] There you are. I give you the killers.
Tommy Rogers: Why, it's the Hastings brothers, the men who are going to buy the store.
Wolf J. Flywheel: Gentlemen, I'm terribly sorry, but it's really not my fault. You certainly do look like crooks.

Woman Shopper: [to Flywheel lying on a bed] Can you tell me the price of this bed?
Wolf J. Flywheel: $8000
Shopper: Why that's preposterous! I can get the same bed anywhere in town for $25.
Wolf J. Flywheel: Yes, but not with me in it!

Mr. Grover: If Ms. Phelps were not my fiancée, I would turn in my resignation and walk out of this store for good!
Martha Phelps: Oh no, no...
Wolf J. Flywheel: Fiancée?
Martha Phelps: Yes.
Wolf J. Flywheel: You mean a woman of your culture and money and beauty and money and wealth and money would, would marry that imposter?

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Facts about

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was watching a private screening of "The Big Store" when he received news that Nazi second-in-command Rudolf Hess had flown to Britain on an unauthorized mission to end the conflict between Britain and Germany during World War II. Churchill decided that the news was so unimportant he ignored it, went back into his screening room and watched the rest of the movie. (in "An evening with groucho" (1972) groucho tells this anecdote but the movie he refers to is "Monkey Business").
The final teaming of The Marx Brothers with Margaret Dumont.
Groucho Marx was bitter when he was called for retakes on the "Sing While You Sell" number on a day his son Arthur was playing a tennis match. He was even more upset when he got the lines he was to speak in the retakes and found them "six times as unfunny" as the ones they were replacing.
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