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Texas Across the River (1966) was a Comedy - Western Film directed by Michael Gordon and produced by Harry Keller.

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Texas Across the River (1966) with Dean Martin

By Orson De Welles on Sep 3, 2015 From Classic Film Freak

Share This! A Swinging Fun-Romp that Fractures the Frontier! One of the fun things about watching older films is seeing how society has changed and each generation puts their own particular stamp on their respective cultural output. In film this is most noticeable in a few areas, though never has ev... Read full article

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Phoebe Ann Naylor: Well, it's plain to see you're no gentleman!
[admiring Phoebe Ann's figure barely concealed by a wet blanket]
Sam Hollis: Well, it's plain to see you're not one, either.

[Baldy attempts to rescue an Indian girl from a rattlesnake wielding medicine man]
Sam Hollis: He either likes girls or he's crazy about snakes.

Don Andrea Baldazar aka Baldy: Ten paces.
Sam Hollis: Ten paces?
Don Andrea Baldazar aka Baldy: Why, that is customary. Do you wish to give the command to begin or shall I?
Sam Hollis: I don't know what you got in mind, Baldy, but I'm here for a shootout.
Don Andrea Baldazar aka Baldy: Precisely. You take ten steps that way; I take ten steps this way. Then we turn...
Sam Hollis: Turn? Step? I ain't here for no square dance! Now which end of town do you want to come from?

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Also directed by Michael Gordon

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Also released in 1966

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