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Tarzan Escapes (1936) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by George B. Seitz and James C. McKay and produced by Jack Cummings, Sam Zimbalist and Bernard H. Hyman.

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Tarzan Thursday – Tarzan Escapes

By Bernardo Villela on May 6, 2013 From The Movie Rat

Being a modern film viewer it’s at times difficult to realize that everything that’s old is new again, and that’s understandable. Especially in an Internet age we are now as film fans not only diving into the minutiae of new releases but also future releases such that patterns that... Read full article

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Eric: We'll lose a lot of money if Jane doesn't help us.
Tarzan: Money?
Rita: Yes, money - you know, to get clothes and food and ...
Tarzan: Food, clothes, money?
Eric: No, Tarzan, you don't understand. Money isn't that, it's ...
Jane: Of course he doesn't understand. I hope he never does!

[last lines]
Rita: [to Jane] You see, we wanted to take you back to where we thought you belong. "Civilization" I think they call it. But it's not for you. And even if your coming back meant that I'd inherit the world, I couldn't forget the look in Tarzan's eyes when he thought he was going to lose you. Stay here with your jungle flies, and your funny little Cheetah and all the trouble she gets into, and Tarzan. You've got the grandest possessions that any woman can have: peace and comradeship and perfect communion with a man whose whole strength is devoted to making your life beautiful. Don't you ever lose it.

Rawlins: Miss Jane, he's the finest gentleman I ever knew - trousers or no trousers.

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The original director was James C. McKay, who filmed many gruesome scenes. In July 1936, he was replaced by John Farrow who practically re-shot the entire film. There were also cast and crew changes: Granville Bates was dropped from the cast, while Herbert Mundin was added, playing a new character. Darby Jones replaced Everett Brown as "Bomba"; Elmer Sheeley replaced Cedric Gibbons as art director; A. Arnold Gillespie replaced James Basevi for special effects; Tom Tutwiler replaced 'Max Fabian' for photographic effects; and Charles Salerno Jr. replaced cameramen Virgil W. Vogel and Walter Strenge.
Footage of the Murchison Falls in Africa, originally shot for Trader Horn, was used in the film.
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