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Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by John Huston and produced by John Huston, Ray Stark and C.O. Erickson.

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On Blu-ray: Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967), Sweet Bird of Youth (1961), and Inside Daisy Clover (1965)

By KC on Aug 12, 2020 From Classic Movies

I recently had a personal viewing party full of dysfunction thanks to a trio of new Blu-ray releases from Warner Archive. Inside Daisy Clover, Reflections in a Golden Eye, and Sweet Bird of Youth are a messy, but fascinating trio cataloging the many ways being a human can go off the rails. Reflec... Read full article

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Leonora: Have you ever been collared and dragged out into the street and thrashed by a naked woman?

Maj. Weldon Penderton: I'm sorry, Leonora. It's just all this clutter is...
Leonora: What's the matter with clutter? I like it.
Maj. Weldon Penderton: I'd rather live without it. Bare floors. Plain white walls. No window curtains. Nothing but essentials.
Leonora: If that's the way you feel about it, why don't you resign your commission and start all over again as an enlisted man?
Maj. Weldon Penderton: Of course you're laughing at it, but there's much to be said for the life of men among men... with no... luxuries, no ornamentation. Utter simplicity. It's rough and it's coarse, perhaps, but it's also clean - it's clean as a rifle. There's no speck of dust inside or out... and it's immaculate in its hard young fitness... its chivalry. They're seldom out of one another's sight. They eat, and they train, and they shower, and they play jokes... and go to the brothel together. They sleep side by side. The barracks room offers many a lesson in courtesy and how not to give offense. They guard the next man's privacy as though it was their own. And the friendships, my lord. There are friendships formed that are stronger than... stronger than the fear of death. And - they're never lonely. They're never lonely. And sometimes I envy them... well, good night.

Maj. Weldon Penderton: Now, a man does not flee because... um... he's fighting in an unjust cause. He does not attack because his cause is just. He flees 'cause he's the weaker. And he conquers 'cause he's the stronger. Or more to the point because his leaders made him feel stronger. Rommel... Patton, Marshall, MacArthur. They - they had it. How did they - uh... how did they make their troops believe they were stronger? Leadership is intangible... hard to measure, difficult to describe. Leadership must include a measure of inherent ability to control... uh... and direct self-confidence... based on initiative, loyalty to superiors, and a sense of pride. Pride. It's far easier to recognize a leader, than to define leadership in clear and in universally understood terms. Now... is leadership - uh... learned? Is it taught? Is a man born with it? How did it come to Patton?... Uh, class dismissed.

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John Huston wanted Patrick O'Neal, who'd previously starred in the Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' "The Night of the Iguana" for the role of Major Penderton. But Elizabeth Taylor rejected Huston's suggestion along with his alternate choices of Richard Burton and Lee Marvin; she wanted Marlon Brando.
In his autobiography, "An Open Book", director John Huston recalls how he meet with Marlon Brando to offer him the role of Maj. Penderton. Initially Brando rejected the role, feeling that he was not suited for the part. Huston then encouraged Brando to read the script and then to make a decision. After he had read the script, Brando took a very long walk in the rain, then came back to Huston and told him he wanted the part.
Average Shot Length = ~10.5 seconds. Median Shot Length = ~9.7 seconds.
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