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Other Men's Women (1931) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by William A. Wellman .

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[repeated line]
Bill White: [while offering a stick of chewing gum] Have a little chew on me...

[behind the lunch counter at the railroad yard, gum-chewing waitress Marie hears a train whistle - her cue to get ready to meet her boyfriend, Bill]
Marie: [taking off her apron] Anything else you guys want?
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: Yeah, gimme a big slice a' you on toast, and some French-fried potatoes on the side.
Marie: [taking out her compact and powdering her face] Listen, baby, I'm A.P.O.
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: [to the other railroad worker] What does she mean, A.P.O.?
Marie: Ain't Puttin' Out! Besides, I'm Bill White's girl, and I'm a one-man woman.
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: That's a hot one, Marie.
Marie: Whattaya mean "that's a hot one"?
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: Didn't I see you down ta Fishbeck's Dance Hall with Elmer Brown?
Marie: Oh yeah. Elmer's a kind of a cousin of mine.
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: Oh! Some cousins are sure affectionate.
Marie: Nevertheless, he's my distant cousin.
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: That's her story, and she's gonna stick to it.
Marie: It's the story Bill's gonna hear unless you guys do some broadcasting of your own.
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: Well, don't worry. Not me. I ain't gonna get in no trouble.
Marie: [walking toward the door] Then stop shootin' off your big mouth.
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: Hey Marie. Wouldja gimme a flock a' donuts with small holes?
Marie: [at the door, hand on hip] If there're any small holes around here, I'll eat 'em myself.
[the men laugh as she leaves the diner]

Jack Kulper: I stopped seeing what there was to see!

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Facts about

Unusually for a film of this time period, the opening credits are not accompanied by music.
This film was first released as "The Steel Highway" and even reviewed under that title. However, it opened in New York City, New York as "Other Men's Women" in April 1931.
Although the title card bears a 1930 copyright statement, this film was apparently never copyrighted, under either of its two titles. It was completed in mid-1930, and reviewed in Motion Picture Herald 4 October 1930, and in Photoplay Magazine in December 1930, but did not open in New York City until April 1931.
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