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One, Two, Three (1961) was a Comedy - Black-and-white Film directed by Billy Wilder and produced by Billy Wilder, I.A.L. Diamond and Doane Harrison.


Yet another great Wilder effort (he also wrote the blistering screenplay with longtime collaborator Diamond), this time a sprinting comedy of clashing ideologies subverted by love. Cagney's last film finds him as a fast-talking, hard-driving head of the German branch of Coca-Cola. Worlds collide as he volunteers to babysit Tiffin, the teenage daughter of a Coke executive from the home office. He loses her, then finds her in love with East German communist beatnik, Buchholtz. Cagney frames him to get him away from Tiffin, then discovers that he and Tiffin are not just married, but expecting. Cagney rescues the kid, but then loses his job to the reformed communist. Notable score by Previn.

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Academy Awards 1961 --- Ceremony Number 34 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographyDaniel L. FappNominated

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Quotes from

Otto Ludwig Piffl: Is everybody in this world corrupt?
Peripetchikoff: I don't know everybody.

Otto: We will take over West Berlin. We will take over Western Europe. We will bury you!
C.R. MacNamara: Do me a favor. Bury us but don't marry us.

Peripetchikoff: No formula, NO DEAL!
C.R. MacNamara: OK, NO DEAL!
Borodenko: We do not need you! If we want Coca-cola, we invent it ourselves!
C.R. MacNamara: Oh, yeah? In 1956 you flew a bottle of Coke to a secret laboratory in Sverdlosk. A dozen of your top chemists went nuts trying to analyze the ingredients. Right?
Mishkin: No comment!
C.R. MacNamara: And in 1958, you planted two undercover agents in Atlanta to steal the formula. And what happened? They both defected! And now they're successful businessmen in Florida packaging instant borscht. Right?
Peripetchikoff: No comment!
C.R. MacNamara: Last year you put out a cockamamie imitation "Kremlin-kola!" You tried it out in the satellite countries, but even the Albanians wouldn't drink it. They used it for SHEEP DIP! RIGHT?
Mishkin: No comment!
C.R. MacNamara: So either get down to business or get off the pot!

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Facts about

To cause problems for Otto Piffl (Horst Buchholz), James Cagney gives him a cuckoo clock that plays the old English song,"Yankee Doodle," causing Buchholz to get arrested by the East Germany police. Jimmy Cagney played the lead role in Yankee Doodle Dandy, the story of George M. Cohan, the composer of "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
The voice of Count von Droste Schattenburg (played on screen by Hubert von Meyerinck) is that of Sig Ruman.
At one point Cagney says, "I wish I were in hell with my back broken," a line Billy Wilder used in at least two of his earlier films. Humphrey Bogart says the same line in "Sabrina", and Akim Tamiroff says a slight variation, "I wish I were in a black pit with my back broken," in "Five Graves to Cairo".
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