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Nevada Smith (1966) was a Western Film directed by Henry Hathaway and produced by Henry Hathaway, Joseph E. Levine and Steve McQueen.

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Jonas Cord: It ain't that easy, kid. Findin' em's one thing. Killin' em's another.
Nevada Smith: I'll figure out ways.
Jonas Cord: Ah! Well, I've been sellin' guns and ammunition to men like that for 15 years, and they got more ways to cripple and kill a man than you ever dreamed about. They'll shoot you in the back. They'll ambush you. They'll cut your throat while you're layin' asleep. All you got on your side is some blind Indian revenge.
Nevada Smith: I'm half-white.
Jonas Cord: And you're all-helpless!

Father Zaccardi: [referring to a crucifix] Did you ever see Him before?
Nevada Smith: Yeah, once. He was on the end of a little silver chain.
Father Zaccardi: He;s the son of God. He came to Earth to teach men love by example.
Nevada Smith: Well, he must have missed somebody. That looks worse than hangin'!

Outlaw: We shoot to kill?
Tom Fitch: Is there any other way?

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In the scene in the cattle pens when Max (Steve McQueen) fights Jessie Coe (Martin Landau), Max crouches behind a fence and opens the gate to let the cattle out. Some cattle come out the gate while others knock down the fence, and Max must dodge the flailing legs and hooves of the stampeding cattle. The knocking down of the fence was accidental, and McQueen was very nearly trampled for real. Shots of Max rolling clear of the hooves were added when it was decided to use the accidental footage.
The character Nevada Smith was supposed to be sixteen. He is played by 35-year-old Steve McQueen.
Of the 2,000 performers that auditioned for Lee Strasberg's exclusive theatre school in 1955, Steve McQueen and Martin Landau were the only ones who were accepted.
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