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Nevada Smith (1966) was a Western Film directed by Henry Hathaway and produced by Henry Hathaway, Joseph E. Levine and Steve McQueen.

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Jonas Cord: [Cord shoots a bottle out of the air] Now you get so you can do that with either hand, when you're half-drunk, or half-awake, or inside of a dark room, off the back of a running horse, you might stand a chance. A small chance.
Nevada Smith: Would you teach me?
Jonas Cord: I sell guns, I don't teach killing.
Nevada Smith: Then I'll learn myself.
Jonas Cord: You won't live that long.
Nevada Smith: Well thank you for the food and advice, Mr. Cord. I guess I'll be on my way.
Jonas Cord: Where to? How? What with? Even if I did teach you something, that's only half of it. When you're looking for them three men, you gotta live, don't you? You gotta eat. You need clothes, food, horses, saddles, guns, ammunition, money. How you gonna get that? Tracking beaver on Sundays? I'll tell you how you'll get it. You'll wind up stealing, and killing, and turn yourself into the same kind of animal you're trying to track down. Can't you see that?
Nevada Smith: I don't see nothing, except my father laying on a blood-covered floor, all burnt and cut, with the top of his head blown to pieces! And my mother, split up the middle, and every square inch of her skin ripped off.

Jonas Cord: [Max misses a plate Cord throws in the air] Go on home, boy. Take the shortcut.
Nevada Smith: The sun was in my eyes and I wasn't expecting it!
Jonas Cord: Do you expect a man's gonna hold still for you with the sun at your back, and give you warning so you can stand there and shoot at him?
Nevada Smith: I can hit a rabbit at 80 yards with a rifle.
Jonas Cord: A rabbit don't shoot back. And how you think you're gonna swing a rifle in a barroom.
Nevada Smith: I never been *in* a barroom!
Jonas Cord: Look, just to find them, you're gonna have to comb out every saloon, gambling hall, hog farm, and whore house between here and Mexico. What do you think you're after, three preachers? You gonna gun 'em down at 80 yards when they're coming out of a church social? You're hunting three men who steal because they're too damn lazy to work, and they kill because they love to, and they hide out like rats in the garbage. So if you're gonna get 'em, you're gonna have to eat, drink, and wallow in that garbage right with 'em, 'til you get so you think like 'em and smell like 'em.
Nevada Smith: I'll do what I have to do.

Pilar: Just treat me nice, Max. That's all I want.

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French visa # 32045.
Finnish visa # 74445 delivered on 23-8-1966.
The name "Nevada Smith" was the original inspiration for the name "Indiana Jones"; the Raiders of the Lost Ark character's name was originally "Indiana Smith". George Lucas named him "Indiana" after his dog, and "Smith" after this movie. But then it was changed to "Indiana Jones".
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Also directed by Henry Hathaway

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Also produced by Henry Hathaway

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Also released in 1966

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