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Mad Monster Party (1969) was a Science Fiction - Comedy Film directed by Jules Bass and produced by Joseph E. Levine.

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Francesca: But we haven't received a reply from... It.
Baron von Frankenstein: Well I should hope that we don't. You see, It wasn't invited. It was a crushing bore at our last convention. It kept walking around crushing boars, wild boars, in its hands. Very frankly, Francesca, It disgusts even me.

Felix Flanken: Well you see, Uncle, I'm a pharmacist.
Baron von Frankenstein: Aw, then you must have conducted experiments of your own.
Felix Flanken: Oh yes. My fudge quadrupple multi-flavored decker ala mode was a wild experiment. Mr. Kronkite turned green after he ate it.
Baron von Frankenstein: Of course.

Baron von Frankenstein: Ha ha ha. Quoth the raven, "Nevermore". I've done it. Created the means to destroy matter. They must all know. Know that I, Baron von Frankenstein, master of the secret of creation, have now mastered the secret of destruction. The invitations must be sent at once.

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The heads of the "Boris" and "Monster" figures are the same basic shape, appropriately enough, with Boris's fine-tuned for a more human appearance and the Monster's for that monsterish look (look at the figures' heads when they're in the same shot, both more or less in profile, during the "greeting the guests" scene!)
The gypsy costume of the werewolf is a reference to "The Wolf Man", in which the werewolf who bit Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.) was a gypsy (played by Bela Lugosi).
The dialog at the very end of this movie is a take-off on the final scene of Some Like It Hot.
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Also directed by Jules Bass

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Also produced by Joseph E. Levine

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Also released in 1969

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