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La Bataille de San Sebastian (1968) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Henri Verneuil and produced by Jacques Bar.

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Teclo: [cutting Leon down from a tree where he has been hung] Priest, you have one day to get your strength back, and one day to get over the mountains. If not: on the third day, just like your book says, YOU WILL RISE.

Col. Calleja: [upon finding the village deserted] The guns go back! Men, dismount! We leave in the morning!
Leon Alastray: [later in Leon's room] Well, goodnight. Happy dreams, my son.
Col. Calleja: Goodnight. Thank you.
Leon Alastray: I suppose we are leaving before sunup?
Col. Calleja: 'We'? We leave?
Leon Alastray: Well, I must face my bishop, and you the governor.... and report OUR failure.
[feigns apathy by thumbing through a Bible]
Col. Calleja: What failure?
Leon Alastray: Our mission.
[goes back to pretending to read a Bible]
Col. Calleja: I didn't fail in my mission! I was told to proceed to the village of San Sebastian with arms & munitions: number 1. Number 2: deliver the guns to the population of San Sebastian. And number 3: return immediately to garrison headquarters upon completion of the mission. Where have I failed?
Leon Alastray: Number 2. We did not deliver the guns to the population.
Col. Calleja: But there is no one here!
Leon Alastray: Oh, that's true.
[pauses as if confused]
Leon Alastray: But the orders do not say that the population is IN the village.

Father Joseph: My son, here. Put this on - it will protect you from the sun.
[Father hands Leon a cowl with a cross on the back]
Leon Alastray: Ha? Thank you.
Father Joseph: ...and who knows? Perhaps it will bring you a little faith!
Leon Alastray: Faith? Oh, I had plenty of faith the other night. Hey, priest - you wanna hear my confession?
[clasps hands in mock prayer]
Father Joseph: No, thank you!
Leon Alastray: Come on - it'll make you feel 10 years younger!
[laughs lewdly]
Father Joseph: ...or perhaps older!

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