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La Bataille de San Sebastian (1968) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Henri Verneuil and produced by Jacques Bar.

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Leon Alastray: Golden Lance, I have come to talk peace with you. Do you understand?
'Golden Lance': I understand you very well. You speak much about peace in your language, especially when the other side is stronger.
Leon Alastray: I chose to come alone. No one forced me.
'Golden Lance': Look at these rocks.
[points to the hills behind his camp]
'Golden Lance': 5,000 Yaquis were massacred here by your soldiers in the name of your god of peace. I was a child. I saw blood running down these rocks like a river.
Leon Alastray: I come in the name of no god. I come as a man who does not wish to see his village destroyed in the name of your gods.
'Golden Lance': You LIE! Your village is full of soldiers ready to kill us.
Leon Alastray: There are no soldiers in my village. If, one day, you want to come as a friend, you will be greeted as a friend. If you need food, we will share it with you. Golden Lance, I have...
[turns to white stallion]
Leon Alastray: I have brought you a gift in friendship: this horse. If you accept, there need be no bloodshed. If you refuse, let the first blood be mine.

Kinita: Would you?
Leon Alastray: Would I what?
Kinita: Hear my confession.
Leon Alastray: Sure. If you will hear mine first.
Kinita: I don't understand.
Leon Alastray: I'll make it quick. I am not a priest. If you ever need money, there's a price on my head.
Kinita: No, it's not true.
Leon Alastray: [looks at her as if to decide how to convince her, then grabs her hair and kisses her roughly] That's my confession! You want to tell me yours?

Leon Alastray: Thanks for the mule, old man. But remember: you won't see me again. Not in San Sebastian.
Miguel: Perhaps in Heaven?
Leon Alastray: I promise: NOT in Heaven!

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