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Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) was a Adventure - Family Film directed by Henry Levin and produced by Charles Brackett.

Academy Awards 1959 --- Ceremony Number 32 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Lyle R. Wheeler, Franz Bachelin, Herman A. Blumenthal; Set Decoration: Walter M. SNominated

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Quotes from

Carla Göteborg: Someone is walking up there. I heard footsteps, human footsteps.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Since the beginning of time all women have heard footsteps up there.

Carla Göteborg: Sir Oliver, you are not going to listen to a murderer?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Never interrupt a murderer, madam.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Young man with the gold tooth, I'll give you more gold if you guide us to Reykjavik.
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] Ahh, yes, yes, yes, Reykjavik.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You... take us... to Reykjavik.

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Facts about

Pat Boone didn't want to make this film but was talked into it by his agent. Years later he stated he's glad he did it because of the regular residual checks it brings in and because it's the movie he'll probably be best remembered for.
The professor's name in the original novel (French language) was Otto Lidenbrock, a German. In the movie it was changed to Oliver Lindenbrook, a Scotsman. The name of his assistant Axel was Caledonized into Alec. (This was done because of historical hindsight, as 19th-century Scots had become known as the best field geologists, with Germans preferring lab-bound geology.) A more drastic change had already been made with the first (anonymous) English translation of the novel when the Professor's surname became Hartwig and Axel became an English student named Henry Lawson.
James Mason replaced an ailing Clifton Webb in the part of Professor Lindenbrook before filming began. Alexander Scourby started shooting at Carlsbad Caverns in the Count Saknussem role, but the producers were unhappy with him and he was replaced with Thayer David.
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Best Art Direction Oscar 1959

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Also directed by Henry Levin

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