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Journey for Margaret (1942) was a Drama - War Film directed by W.S. Van Dyke and Herbert Kline and produced by Dore Schary and B.P. Fineman.

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Journey for Margaret (1942)

on Mar 17, 2014 From Journeys in Classic Film

Journey for Margaret is a movie interpreted in different ways from 1942 to today.? For 1940s audiences, the movie is a rousing call to arms for the nuclear family to band together; a condemnation against isolationism and the need for compassion for our British allies as embodied by two orphaned chil... Read full article

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[John Davis is trying to get other airplane passengers to leave behind their luggage so he can take one of the children on the flight]
Japanese statesman: Oh, so sorry - but that would mean leaving my confidential files. Also, I must be back in Tokyo by early December
[the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941]

Peter Humphreys: [the children are taking their bathes. Peter and Margaret have their own tubs alligned next to each other with John Davis in the middle, helping them both] Thank you, my Mr. Davis.
Margaret White: He is NOT your Mr. Davis, he's MY Mr. Davis!
Peter Humphreys: No, he's MY Mr. Davis!
Margaret White: No, he's MY Mr. Davis!
[with that, Margaret splashes water at Peter]
Peter Humphreys: He's MY Mr. Davis!
[Peter splashes her right back]
Margaret White: He's MY Mr. Davis!
[Margaret splashes again]
Margaret White: [the children's altercation continues and speeds up, with John Davis trying to plactate them both the whole time, and getting very wet in the process, but neither pay him any mind]

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Facts about

"The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on April 5, 1943 with Margaret O'Brien and Robert Young reprising their film roles.
The final film of veteran director W.S. Van Dyke. He was dying of cancer while shooting it, and committed suicide not long after its release.
Although William L. White's book is listed on-screen as the source of the movie, accounts of his adoption had previously been published in Reader's Digest and Life Magazine.
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