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Johnny Allegro (1949) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by Ted Tetzlaff and produced by Irving Starr.

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Morgan Vallin: Roy doesn't trust you, Johnny.
Johnny Allegro: Roy doesn't?
Morgan Vallin: Perhaps he doesn't like your face.
Johnny Allegro: Maybe I don't like his.
Morgan Vallin: I like this spirit of mutual distrust. It could relieve me of a lot of responsibility. But I don't trust you either. I don't mean to be offensive. It's simply my policy to distrust everyone. To me, suspicion is another word for caution.
Johnny Allegro: Is that all you wanted to discuss with me?
Morgan Vallin: Oh no. No. Sit down, Johnny. I'm a man who enjoys competition. For instance, that scene I interrupted when I came in. Competition is healthy in all fields - business, athletics, or women. In the latter category, especially now in our particular case, I have complete confidence because I have the advantage of knowing Glenda.
Johnny Allegro: Then you can't lose.
Morgan Vallin: I'm glad you see it that way, Johnny, because I must confess to a weakness. I'm a bad loser.
Johnny Allegro: Is there anything else?
Morgan Vallin: We'll consider the incident closed for the present. Why, it's only 10 o'clock. Would you like to hear some good music?
Johnny Allegro: No, thanks. I think I could use a little fresh air. And besides, good music is wasted on me.

Morgan Vallin: What's the matter, Glenda?
Glenda Chapman: What about him?
Morgan Vallin: Your anxiety betrays you.
Glenda Chapman: Be yourself, Morgan. The audience is gone. All I say is he's quick and he's clever. He's a good man for us.
Morgan Vallin: I make the decisions here.
Glenda Chapman: Well, what are you going to do?
Morgan Vallin: I'm going to hear the rest of my symphony.
Glenda Chapman: I'm going to bed.
Morgan Vallin: I must enjoy my favorite music alone?
Glenda Chapman: What better company could you have, Morgan? Good night.

Morgan Vallin: Hello, Glenda.
Glenda Chapman: Morgan.
Morgan Vallin: Welcome home.
[For the first time, he sees there's another man in the room]
Glenda Chapman: Morgan, this is...
Morgan Vallin: How chummy! You brought a friend with you. How hospitable.
Glenda Chapman: I was just going to explain that.
Morgan Vallin: Why trouble to explain? It's so touchingly natural.
Glenda Chapman: This is Johnny Allegro.
Morgan Vallin: You actually know his name! I'm Morgan Vallin. Always glad to meet any of Glenda's friends, though she doesn't usually bring them with her.
Glenda Chapman: I had to bring him here, Morgan. He killed a detective for me so I could get here.
Morgan Vallin: How adventurous! How romantic!
Glenda Chapman: Morgan, don't be foolish.
Morgan Vallin: Forgive me, Johnny whatever your name is. I want to thank you for any assistance you may have given my little wife.
Johnny Allegro: Wife?
Morgan Vallin: She forgot to tell you, of course. She usually does. Or were you afraid he might not have come here with you?
Glenda Chapman: I told you why I brought him here. He had no other getaway. This is Johnny Rock. They want him for escaping a stretch at Sing Sing.
Morgan Vallin: And what have you told him?
Glenda Chapman: Nothing. He doesn't even know where he is.
Morgan Vallin: And how did that minute mind of yours conclude that anyone could be of service to me with his pictures in all the papers, with a number across the front of them?
Johnny Allegro: They took those a long time ago. I've changed a lot since then.
Morgan Vallin: But your type never changes. Just looking at you makes one think of alley fighting, tommy guns.
Johnny Allegro: Is that bad?
Morgan Vallin: It's not for me. You see all this?
[He gestures around the room at the paintings, sculptures, and mounted animal heads]
Johnny Allegro: Nice museum.
Morgan Vallin: You would call it that. But it's my library, my concert hall, my trophy room. Here I have the best the world has to offer, and I don't intend to let anything jeopardize it. I can permit only people around me of whose methods I am sure.

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Also directed by Ted Tetzlaff

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