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Godzilla Raids Again (1955) was a Action - Drama Film directed by Motoyoshi Oda and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka.

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Godzilla Raids Again (1955, Oda Motoyoshi)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Apr 10, 2016 From The Stop Button

Godzilla Raids Again has all the elements it needs to be a quirky success. It has a low budget and rushed schedule, resulting in a hodgepodge of awkwardly effective sequences amid otherwise inept ones. The script, from Murta Takeo and Hidaka Shigeaki, mixes inert melodrama with giant monsters. But t... Read full article

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George Takei's first film project.
This suit used in this movie was very similar to the first one in Godzilla, King of the Monsters. This suit was used for Godzilla's second appearance, Godzilla Raids Again. It was slimmed down to fit Haruo Nakajima better, and to make the acting process a little more comfortable. It would also allow him to make more violent moves while shooting battle scenes. The irises were much bigger than the original suit, which was a smaller, and had the "beady" look. The dorsal fins were kept about the same size, and shape as the original. There were still four toes on each foot, and the little ears were still behind his eyes. This overall appearance still gave Godzilla a look of terror, and a menace to mankind.
There have been two different stories as to why Godzilla's name was changed to "Gigantis" in the American version:
  • Warner Brothers could not get permission to use Godzilla from Joseph E. Levine and had to change the name to "Gigantis".
  • In an interview, Paul Schreibman, the producer of the American version, said that he changed Godzilla's name to "Gigantis" to give the audience the impression that they were seeing a new monster. He has since regretted that decision.

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Also produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka

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Also released in 1955

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