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Five and Ten (1931) was a Drama Film directed by Robert Z. Leonard and produced by Robert Z. Leonard and Marion Davies.

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Mixed bag: Thelma and Louise (1991), Blondie of the Follies (1932), Five and Ten (1931), Blades of Glory (2007), Bell Book and Candle (1958)

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Originally published on, January 5, 2012 Watched January 2, 2012: Thelma and Louise (1991) – 4/5; My mom recommended this movie to me. She found it in the $5 bin and became obsessed with it, insisting that I must watch it as well haha. We usually have pretty similar tas... Read full article

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John G. Rarick: [Overheard from corridor] If I give you this money, what assurance have I that you'll keep your word?
Jennifer Rarick: [Overheard from corridor] You give me one hundred thousand now, and the rest when I get the divorce. I'll take *your* word, Mr. Rarick.
John G. Rarick: I've dealt with a lot of merchandise - this is the first time I've bought a husband.
Jennifer Rarick: And it's the first time I've ever sold one.
[Jennifer enters and grabs the check]
Jennifer Rarick: No you don't. You're not selling any husband to me!
Muriel Preston: You want Berry, don't you?
Jennifer Rarick: Not this way, no! I've tried it once, but I'm not trying to buy Berry again. He's not for sale.
Muriel Preston: Oh... well I won't divorce him.
Jennifer Rarick: You think I'm afraid of a scandal... Well I'm not!
John G. Rarick: Jennifer!
Jennifer Rarick: [to her father] I love Berry. He's all that matters to me...
Jennifer Rarick: [Turns back to Muriel] ... And you can't make me lose him again.
Muriel Preston: Lose him
Muriel Preston: . That's a little far fetched, isn't it? He's hardly yours to lose.
Jennifer Rarick: Isn't he. He loves me. You *know* he loves me. No matter what you think, he's been fair to you. I've told Berry that I wouldn't see him again until you talked things fairly and gave him up. But I won't bother to be fair any longer.
Muriel Preston: You're very foolish, my dear. Goodbye, Mr. Rarick. Perhaps you can make Jennifer realize that the only permanent hold on a man like Berry is a wedding ring.
Jennifer Rarick: Is it? That's how well you know Berry!
Muriel Preston: I know men, my dear, and Berry is no different from the rest.

Bertram 'Berry' Rhodes: What kind of woman are you to make a man forget his fiancée?
Jennifer Rarick: What kind of man are you to make a woman forget a man's fiancée?

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Arthur Housman is in studio records/casting call lists for the role of "Piggy," but he did not appear in the movie.
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Also directed by Robert Z. Leonard

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Also produced by Robert Z. Leonard

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Also released in 1931

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