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Duck Amuck (1953) was a Family - Animation Film directed by Chuck Jones .

Duck Amuck was inducted into the National Film Registry in 1999.

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Duck Amuck (1953, Chuck Jones)

on Mar 10, 2012 From The Stop Button

Duck Amuck is either very memorable or very predictable. If I have ever seen it, it was fifteen plus years ago. Yet I could guess a bunch of the plot twists, including the final one. That final reveal, which might make Amuck memorable, also undoes a lot of the neat stuff the cartoon does otherwise. ... Read full article

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Daffy Duck: [in a rage] ... And I've never be so humiliated in all my life!

Daffy Duck: [after his parachute is turned into an anvil and he crashes to the ground, he is beating on the anvil with a hammer and babbling a passage from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's: The Village Smithy] "Under a spreading chestnut-tree, The village smithy stands; The smith, a mighta-ty man is he, With strong and sinewy..."
[while he is doing this, the anvil is erased and is replaced with a WWII type bomb pointing straight up. After a few more hits, the bomb explodes]
Daffy Duck: ...H-Hands...
[Daffy finally shakes himself off]
Daffy Duck: All right. Enough is enough. This is the final, the - the very, very last straw! Who's responsible for this? This... I demand that you show yourself! Who are you? Huh?
[as he's venting, a doorway with an open door is drawn around him, then the door is pushed closed by the eraser]

Daffy Duck: [is redrawn as a sailor] Hmm. Sea picture, eh? I always wanted to do a sea epic. Now, Mr. Rembrandt, if you'll kindly oblige with a little appropriate scenery.
[the animator paints a seascape, but no boat for Daffy to stand on]
Daffy Duck: [singing] Over the sea, let's go, men. We're shovin' right off, we're shovin' right off... again?
[falls into the sea]

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In animation historian Jerry Beck's 1994 poll of animators, film historians and directors, this cartoon was rated the second greatest cartoon of all time.
Bugs Bunny needed to be used at the end, because no other character had any kind of antagonism with Daffy (acquired by Bugs over the course of the Hunting Trilogy in Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Seasoning and Duck! Rabbit, Duck!) and Elmer Fudd is not a competent enough character - an ironic point considering the next year Elmer Fudd gets his animator's shots at Bugs Bunny in Rabbit Rampage.
Released in 1953, but completed and copyrighted in 1951. During this late forties-early fifties period, Warner Bros., MGM and Disney/RKO stockpiled many cartoons, releasing them a year or two after completion.
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National Film Registry

Duck Amuck

Released 1953
Inducted 1999

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Also directed by Chuck Jones

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Also released in 1953

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