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Diplomatic Courier (1952) was a Drama - Mystery Film directed by Henry Hathaway and produced by Casey Robinson.

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Diplomatic Courier (1952, Henry Hathaway)

on Mar 5, 2012 From The Stop Button

Diplomatic Courier starts a lot stronger than it finishes. For the first half or so, it’s a post-war variation of a thirties Hitchcock–a lot of unexplained, strange incidents and a protagonist trying to unravel them. Then it changes gear, becoming a Hollywood attempt at The Third Man. It... Read full article

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Joan Ross: When I started this crazy tour the last thing I was looking for was a man. Why I should pick on you, I don't know. After I know you better I may not like you. But I kept thinking about you and started looking for you. I phoned all over and Tony Bennis from the Paris embassy found out for me that you has come here. Michael, it's was exactly 11:45 a few days ago when you left me. What time is it now? Check both watches.
Mike Kells: Well, it's exactly 11:37.
Joan Ross: Do we resume? Heaven bless 11:37. I don't.
Mike Kells: , I'd like nothing better in the world, but right now I'm sort of... I... I... I'm... tied...
Joan Ross: All right, I'm gonna lay my cards on the table. Michael, tell me the truth. Are you with someone?
Mike Kells: [showing a photo of a woman] No. No, I'm chasing her. My dream girl.
Joan Ross: Can't be helped. Can't be helped, can it? I apologize to you Michael. I'm truly sorry.
Mike Kells: No, no, no. I'm only kidding about her. I'm only doing this for an acquaintance of a friend of mine. I promised to look her up and see about her.
Joan Ross: Do you have to see about her tonight?
Mike Kells: It doesn't look as though I can tonight.
Joan Ross: [leaning in] Darling! Let's explore Triste together!

Joan Ross: You started by arousing the mother instinct in me, and now you got the whole works worked up. And you got something stirred up.

Mike Kells: [to Janine] Well, he left in a hurry. It turned out he had an appointment to get killed. That's right, his timing was a little off. You'll be sorry to hear the car got him and not me.

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Also directed by Henry Hathaway

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Also produced by Casey Robinson

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Also released in 1952

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